7% TCA + 2% Salicylic Peel for Pigmentation

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I had a 7% TCA/ 2% salicylic acid peel to remove...

I had a 7% TCA/ 2% salicylic acid peel to remove pigmentation.

The treatment is applied in 3 layers and I was asked to rate the pain between 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest pain level. Layer one I rated as a 3. Layer 2 quite quickly got up to an 8 and then layer 3 was a 10 almost from th off.

Am day 8 after the peel and some of the skin is starting to shed. Am really struggling not to pick at it though! So far tough not seeing any improvement in the pigmentation.

Was this the right peel for pigmentation? Should I be seeing an improvement by now? If I am still left with pigmentation does that mean it's not down to sun damage and could be something like melasma?? What are the realistic benefits of this type of peel? I tried a course of 8 IPL & microdermabrasion prior to the peel with no real effect on the pigmentation.

I had a 7% TCA/2% salicylic peel 3 weeks ago to remove pigmentation and have finished peeling. Unfortunately the pigmentation looks even worse than ever and has not improved. Was this a strong enough peel? Or could I have another condition such as melasma?
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Clinic made a catalogue of effors prior to giving me this peel.

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