TCA Peel - Worthless for Atrophic Scars.

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For atrophic acne scarring. The plastic surgeon...

For atrophic acne scarring. The plastic surgeon convinced me that it would be sufficient for my level of scarring. The actual procedure was bearable, recovery was not fun- it was a deep chemical burn all over my face. That's fine- no pain, no gain right?

Unfortunately it did nothing at all for my scars once healing had taken place and swelling had subsided. that's the key. You must wait until you have completely peeled and ALL swelling has gone to see, because while your face is mildly swollen you it LOOKS like you're going to have better results than you will. I should have known better I guess.

I imagine it would do very well for very superficial issues and coloration problems- maybe even for fine wrinkles- but for atrophic acne scars where tissue has been lost, a straight peel like this is a waste of money. Those scars need to be treated individually and raised with filler, or maybe TCA CROSS, or some other kind of remodeling, or my skin needed to be dermaplaned or something. The peel was simply inadequate to address the texture problems I have. It also left me with bigger looking pores on my cheeks after the epidermis grew back, which may or may not resolve.

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Not fully informed of what to expect, sold a treatment that had no hope of reaching as far as it needed to. My scars are clearly very deep.

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