Non Ablative Laser Ruined my Skin!

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In an effort to improve my excessively oily skin...

In an effort to improve my excessively oily skin and a few mild indented scars I opted for Smoothbeam (non ablative) laser treatments. I'm very pale skinned (Northern European Caucasian) and told the dermatologist during the consultation that I tend to scar VERY easily (both hypo as well as hypertrophic scarring) AND that I suffer from photosensitivity (sun 'allergy'- when exposed to the sun for too long, I sometimes get tiny pink itchy hives...). I asked the doctor if any of this was a concern and he said 'no', that he had NEVER seen any adverse effects from the Smoothbeam- so I decided to go for it.

Big mistake. Within days after just ONE treatment, I noticed a negative change in my skin texture that got progressively worse. One week later my pores were already enlarged and the overall texture of my skin got rough and irregular- and it's gotten worse every week since then (I'm now 5 weeks post). I also broke out the first 2 weeks after the procedure, but that cleared up. However- the skin texture changes remained, and actually got worse- my skin looks and feels like 'inflamed' sandpaper- as if I have tiny pink 'hives' surrounding each enlarged pore, giving it an overall rough 'orange peel' look. Even around my eyes there are tiny bumps (hives?) now, but they're a lot smaller than the rest (not sure what they are, but they do NOT look like milia).

Has anyone else experienced this horrible change in skin texture and pore size after Smoothbeam or a similar non-ablative laser ? I am worried sick that this may be permanent. I thought this laser would improve my skin, but it has done the exact opposite !

It goes with out saying that I will NOT be going back for more treatments (I was supposed to have about 4).

Horrible skin reaction after laser treatment - Any input would be greatly appreciated- especially advice on what I should be doing or using (skin creams ?) to fix this mess... Thank you all in advance ! Ivana.
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