Smartlipo on Pubic Mound, Upper/lower Abs and Arms - So Far So Good

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I had smartlipo done Aug.6, 2009 on my upper &...

I had smartlipo done Aug.6, 2009 on my upper & lower abs, pubic mound and upper arms. I wanted to start by thanking EVERYONE who shared their experiences on this site. It was extremely informative and I felt so much more prepared when the day of the procedure finally arrived!!

For your reference I am 29yrs old, 5'3'' and 157lbs. I've been working out for the past two years with a personal trainer.Although I still have some weight I want to lose, I do have more of an athletic build and have a good amount of muscle. However no matter how hard I work or how much weight i lose, there are just those areas that NEVER go away!!!

I arrived at my Dr.'s office around 9:45am and was given vicodin and ativan to relax me. The procedure itself began around 11:15. The Dr and his assistant were great. They explained everything they were doing as it was being done. They were also very willing to answer my millions of questions as we went along!! The Dr started by giving me a shot to numb the areas that would be the entry points for the laser. I'm not a big fan of needles, but the pain was very quick. Then the tube containing the numbing solution was put under the skin. Personally I thought this was quite painful. It didn't last very long, but there were a few spots that didn't seem to get numb so the Dr had to go over it again and again...OUCH!

Once the laser was in he pain was pretty minimal. Once in a while when he was close to my ribs it started to hurt, but the Dr continued to ask me how I felt and if it hurt he just moved the positon of the laser. After the "melting" of the fat came the suction of the fat. I thought this part was definitely uncomfortable. I did think it was neat to look at all that ugly fat being sucked out of my body!! In total I had 865cc removed. I didn't think that was that much but when I asked, my Dr said it was a significant amount and he didn't want to take out too much in fear of me having loose skin. The procedure ended around 1:15 (alot sooner than expected). The assistant (who held my hand the entire time!!!) helped wrap me up and put my compression garment on. Really it just felt like a spanx bodysuit..not too terrible. I was able to go home shortly after. My wonderful parents were waiting for me and drove me home. I felt pretty good considering what I had just gone through. I was mainly just tired.

From reading all of the reviews here, I was terrified about the drainage after I got home!!! I had prepared my house and my bed for the worst!! To my very pleasant surprise, I experienced very little drainage, and only needed the kotex pads the Dr put on the incisions when I left the office. I was given Darvocet for pain and slept for several hours when I got home. My Dr called me later that evening to check up on me...I thought this was great! Day 1 was definitely a success!!!

Day 2 felt alot more pain when I woke up. The Dr called in the morning again to check in and said I would feel worse today because all the numbing fluid was out. Although it hurts, the pain is certainly NOT unbearable. I took a shower(with assistance from my mother...would NOT recommend doing it alone the first time) and I even went for a walk (slowly). I've been taking the pain pills every 4 hrs today, but hope I can switch over to just tylenol by tomorrow.

I'm still very swollen so I really can't see any difference yet.

I'm so excited that I did this and am even happier that the recovery has been way better than I could've imagined!! Hopefully soon I'll be able to see some good results!!!

Dr. Alexander Covey

The Dr and his staff were patient, kind, and knowledgable.

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