Smart Lipo on Upper and Lower Abs to Shift Baby Bulge

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I had smart lipo 8 days ago on my upper and lower...

I had smart lipo 8 days ago on my upper and lower abs. I am 140lbs of a slim build, with a bulging stomach, which was hard to shift after having a baby 16 months ago.

I went into the clinic last friday (24.07.09)at 12 midday. The procedure was uncomfortable and most painful bit is the initial numbing, although this is over really quick. what i found most uncomfortable was when the canula when near my ribs when doing the upper abs. You can feel it scrapping on your bones. The whole procedure one and a half hours and was no way near as painful as i anticipated. I had 1 litre of fat aspirated. Following the procedure the doctor covered my incisions with dressing and put me in a compression garment. I was advised not to take the dressing off for a week, or excercise. I was also given a course of anti-biotics. I was also told to put towels on my bed, as i would leek anesthetic. This did not happen, which i was a bit concerned about, because everywhere i read said that this was supposed to happen. I was also concerned that the anesthetic would stay inside my body and make me fatter, than before(i know this sounds stupid).

Once i got home 2 hours later the pain started to kick in. This was not severe pain, more uncomfortable when i bent down. I took paracetomal for this on the first night, but did not need paracetomal after this. I slept ok, though it was a bit uncomfortable. The next day i felt tender and was able to move around and do things, but at a very slow pace. I cleaned the house and took care of my baby, which included me having to lift and bath her. This night i slept much better than the first night. By day three i was out and about. By Monday i was totally back to normal, carrying on with my normal routine.

7 DAYS LATER I took off my dressing and this has healed really well. The incisions are barely visible, just a faint dot one above and below the belly button. I have no swelling or bruising. My measurements around my abdominal is one and a half inches smaller then the day before smart lipo. Today (day 8) i went back to the gym and did a 45 min spinning class. So far i am please with the results, but im so impatient and cant wait to see more. I will keep you updated and post pictures when i reach the 3 month point.

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