Smart Lipo for Bulging Stomach is Definately Worth It! Painless and Easy!

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OMG! I read all these reviews that talked about...

OMG! I read all these reviews that talked about pain and bad results and cannot understand that! I am 53 years old, I had a huge bulging stomach, alot on the top which actually made me look pregnant.

I arrived for my appointment and was taken into a room and given underpants and a robe and a relaxer pill and then had pictures taken and lines drawn on me. I had all my questions answered before anything started. It was basically painless. They gave me something to numb it my abdomen which was less pain than a novicane needle at the dentist! Once numb I listened to my music and only felt movement, no pain at all. After I was wrapped in a tight garment and still no pain.

I went home and the worst was the bleeding and liquid that seeped out, but again ot so bad. I took a pain killer and slept well. This morning there was minimal pain and minimal brusing. I just removed my garment to wash it and take a shower and to my surprise, I see a flatter stomach! Its all gone an it will only get better as the swelling goes down! No blood tody either, just kept a few bandaids on.

As soon as I finish washing my garment I am off to work! No down time! The doctor was great and his staff called and checked on me that night and today. I recommend this highly! In the past I tried Velashape and it was a joke, so I was afraid that I was throwing away my money again. Nope. great investment!

I will contine to update as the weeks pass, but I only can imagine it will be better. Sorry I didnt take before pics, but I'll post after ones later.

Day 4I only have slight itching now and that is...

Day 4

I only have slight itching now and that is about the wost of it! I see flatness already and I feel great! I see a whole new me and I still have months of getting better! I used an Arnica cream and it helps get rid of the bruising so that is going away too. I am excited!

2 Months LaterGaining some weight due to slower...

2 Months Later

Gaining some weight due to slower liver enzymes that slow down when fighting the fat loss. I didnt know this. Continuing my sit ups and diet. Office staff is great and works with you. They want to see you succeed. I just need to lose 15-20 lbs and I will really see the difference. Stomach muscles are tightening.

Dr. Richard Goldfarb

The doctor was one of the first to perform Smart Lipo and was very friendly and professional. I felt very comfortable with him and his friendly staff.

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