SmartLipo Was a Waste of Money for This Fitness Buff

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Well I have always been a Fitness buff, but in...

Well I have always been a Fitness buff, but in high school I was the chubby girl. It seems that at the age of 25 no matter how much I work out there is still fat in certain areas I cannot get rid of. I have had my Breasts done and love them, but I always wanted lipo and was talked out of it. Finally I made my Boyfriend buy it for me, over getting a new car, How dumb was I. The doctor claims to be the number 1 in Toronto but if you compare his waiting room to other doctors its not the best. Regardless my boyfriend and I were planning to go to florida for the winter, I thought if I had it done in the summer I would be ok for the winter. OMG was I wrong.

I had it done July 30, 2009. I did my upper and lower stomach, love handles and inner thighs. I went into surgery at 160 lbs I came out at 175. I was actually bigger then before, so swollen and sore as hell. for 2 weeks I wore that garment. while it was super hot out, I felt dumb but knew it would work out.

Lets just say its 2 months in and It looks like nothing changed. NOTHING, I still look the same as before I went in. My stomach fat is there and my thighs are actually bigger. I went to put on some jeans I wore last winter and I couldn't get them on.

I do spin about 3 times a week and walk my dogs everyday for 45 mins. I don't overeat. I am a muscular woman and I am so unhappy about this surgery. Is there anything I can do?

I have a follow up appointment in a week and I cry every time I think about what I did, and how horrible it still looks. It's not just the 10 grand but the summer I wasted thinking I would get results and all the time I took off work. I could totally have a Benz right now. Does anyone know any options? My dad says to get a lawyer and tell my doctor I want him to do it again the way it should have been done, or else sue him. What should I do????

Updated on Sep 20, 2009
I am 25 I have always gone up and down with my weight. I was 160 and I hated my stomach and thighs. I didnt care about love handles but I was I should do them even though I didnt really have any. The Doctor the day of surgery had no AC in the building and made me wait in exam room for an hour sweating my ass off alone before I went in. I was the last client for the day and I am sure they were all tired from the hot weather and no AC. the doctor never did my upper stomach, he said he did everything threw my belly button but I have a roll under my boobs now and seriously I cant believe I thought I would be ready for vacation this winter but instead I wasted my summer. My parents say get a lawyer but what else can I do??,

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I will give name after next week if I don't get what I want

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