Smartlipo Experience on Tummy (Thumbs Up)

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I think I owe it to give my review since reviews...

I think I owe it to give my review since reviews were one of the deciding factors for me to have Smartlipo on my tummy.

I am almost 2 weeks post surgery. The experience was great! I was prepared. I read a lot of information and looked at the procedure on Youtube prior to having the procedure. This helped me anticipate the procedure, pain and recovery. Consequently, I had no problem during the procedure. It went quicker than I expected. I would characterize the pain as uncomfortable with a few spurts of pain here and there.

Who is responsible for the success of the procedure? From my perspective and experience, the patient has more to do with the success of the procedure than the physician. First, I set aside a complete week for recovery-even though the doc said only 2 days would be needed; after all, this is a real surgery. Secondly, I spent the first 3 days on my back and in the bed. I laid flat. I lived and continue to live in the compression garment. Thirdly, I massage my tummy to get my stomach even and blood circulating just as soon as I could handle the touch. Finally, I did everything the physician advised me. You may think I over did it. However, I was willing to invest in the time, money and lifestyle needed to obtain the results I hope for (and got).

Results: I saw immediate results. The night after the surgery, I was able to button a shirt that I before surgery could not button. My weight as of the date of surgery was 180lbs. My weight now is 158lbs.

Note: I have changed my eating habits and portions. I am completely happy with my results and I'm still swollen. So, I am going to be wowed out of my mind when the swelling is completely gone. Finally, let me say I went to several consultations before selecting my physician. I am thrilled with the kindness, professionalism and care that my physician gave me. The results are already more than I hoped for.

Atlanta Physician

My physician was great. Some doctors do not insert drains. He did. I think this helped in getting maxmimum results. He oversees the total procedure. And, all of his staff is kind. I am sure you will be happy with the results. For his referral name and or your questions about my my experience, you may email me. He has a referral program and of course, I would like him to know that I am referring others.

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