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Four months ago I had a smarlipo done on my...

Four months ago I had a smarlipo done on my abdominal area by a Dr. in Miami - Florida. I was the perfect candidate.

I am 5.3 and weight 117 pounds. I just had a bit of fat on my lower stomach and love handles. The Dr. told me I would need 2 procedures. One was on the belly and the other after a few days on the lower back and side areas.

I scheduled the belly treatment which was very painful. I was excited waiting for the results and after a month on a follow up visit to the Dr. tells me that something went wrong and that he needed to do it again and remove more fat. I had never done any treatment like that before so I was very scared of re-doing something that was not right in the first time. how could I trust this Dr. Again??

I had bumps, completely uneven skin and hard knots all over. I consulted other Doctors, they all thought that this was a unexperienced doctor, but believe me I did the homework as I found out that he had recently been appointed to the national teaching panel for Syneron Laser. In, addition, he now teaches physicians the technique of laser liposuction utilizing Syneron’s new LipoLite fat melting laser.

I have to also mention that he is not a plastic surgeon and his medical background is in internal medicine and dentistry. Anyway, a few weeks back I returned to the clinic to have the touch-up. The staff or I should say, his assistant, was horrible, rude not only to me, but several other patients who had to wait for hours before seeing the Dr. After my 2nd procedure I went home and had follow up massages schedule for the following days. Believe it or not the assistant called me and cancelled my massages and said that I was terminated from his services. He would not longer treat me.

So, this is my story. I have paid for 2 treatments, have done one treatment twice with 3 incisions on the front middle part of my belly. I got terminated of any needed follow-up that has left me with a horrible belly contour and my love handles are still at the same place and he will not refund my money for the the treatments that weren't done.

I want to report this Dr at a Medical Board of Medicine. Does anyone know where one can make a complaint? And What should I do to these terrible bumps on my belly? Does massages really work? How far ahead does a massage still works?

Dr. Mark Sachs

Exercise, eat less and accept how we are is the best advise. Some Drs appear to be learning and practicing on us...

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