Uncertain About SmartLipo Results - Have Only Lost an Inch So Far

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I had smart lipo done on 9/8/09 . I have only lost...

I had smart lipo done on 9/8/09 . I have only lost and inch so far, today is 10/13/09 my measurements are upper belly ( under the breast line ) 42" accross the belly 57" lower belly 51" I dont understand why I have not lost more? I still look the same as when i went in. I am following the DR's instructions, and no change.

I am scared I waisted allot of money and I cannot afford another procudure. plus my belly button is still very tender and when i touch it, i get very sick to my stomach.

the treatment was not bad, the Dr was great, most of the staff had the personality of a rock, and complained about being there.

Is it possiable there is still allot of melted fat in there? please advise, I am so worried.
Dr Khan

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