Age 37, SmartLipo for Tummy Fat That Didn't Respond to Exercise

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Had thought about Smartlipo for a while, having...

Had thought about Smartlipo for a while, having always been thick around the middle. I'm 37 now, and since a back injury a couple of years ago that kept me from exercising for over a year, my tummy had got even more flabby. Even eating well and lots of cycling seemed to be making me look like a spider, with little toned limbs and a fat body!!

I was getting really annoyed at being so out of proportion, and my tummy not fitting into my pre-injury clothes. SO last Sat 20th I had Smartlipo on upper and lower abs, flanks and also the area just under my bra at the front, which was weirdly puffy. I'll post pics when my swelling goes down and I'm starting to see results.

Op was fairly comfortable. A couple of times the tip of the laser must have caught the edge of the numb bit, which did hurt, but only for 10 seconds or so. The rest of the time it was fine, just the odd bit of mild pain here and there.

Afterwards I thought I would need a cab home from central London, but I felt fine, so walked to the nearest pharmacy to collect antibiotics and caught train home, stopping off for some groceries en route!

That evening I took a few paracetemol, as there was a slight ache and tingling in the area. Over the next 24 hours I had a few more painkillers, but stopped them on Sunday eve. By Monday I felt well enough to drive to the supermarket, though I was nervous people would bump into me. I've been sleeping ok in my support garment, though there was a little bit of discomfort when I turned over onto the treated areas (I usually sleep on my stomach).

Today I did a little work and my middle feels totally fine, though I don't feel like bending over and touching my toes just yet. I have one red angry bruise (which was where it had hurt in the op), but only soft bruising in other places.

My measurements 3 days in are about the same as pre-op, apart from the underbust, which has gone down an inch. I can see already that I have a better shape underneath my chest. He didn't seem to aspirate SO much fat- only around 700cc, but he was lasering for a fairly long time. I'm slightly worried enough wasn't taken, so I'm crossing my fingers that loads more cells than that got zapped, and I'll manage to process them away.

Can't wait til the swelling goes, and I can see results- I'm hoping for an actual WAIST!!! Plan of action is to eat healthily and get back to exercising as soon as possible, and hopefully people will just think I'm slowly losing weight for my holiday at the end of August!

I'll update this as I see progress. This is the first time I've had any sort of prodedure, so I had no idea what to expect- this site was SOOOO useful to read about people's experiences, so thank you to everyone for their stories.


 Update at 2 week mark... Bruising nearly...

 Update at 2 week mark...

Bruising nearly all gone, and scars not obvious. Not really that tender any more- just the odd tingling sensation, but it's not painful. I'm planning to start proper exercise again now. Getting very bored of wearing support garments in a London heat wave though! Bizarrely my measurements are not that different, but my shape is noticeably better, and several people have commented on how I've lost weight and look great. I still think a little more fat should have been removed in the lower abs, as the front part of my tummy is still pretty big- obviously it's too early to make a final call on this, as there is still swelling, but I'll update in a couple more weeks. I'm eating healthily and this op has spurred me on to lose the extra weight I am carrying- only about 10-15lbs, but I'm curious to see how my waist will be smaller when I'm lighter! 
At this point, I'm very pleased I had the surgery, as I am feeling better already about my stomach, that was really bothering me. Hopefully I'll be even happier when I next update, and I'll put pics up too.

 13th July- just over 3 weeks since op. All...

 13th July- just over 3 weeks since op. All scars almost vanished, and no bruising. Looking at these pics it's actually quite amazing the difference! They are a slightly different angle, but you can still tell how much better this is. This is roughly the shape I was before my back injury stopped me rotating at the waist for 2 years, so I'm really pleased. I still need to shed about 10-14 lbs,but I feel in proportion again, which was why I had the surgery. It has been a good incentive to eat well and exercise too. Hopefully there will be further improvement over the next month, but so far I'm very happy! I'll load another photo in a couple more weeks.

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not sure yet- i'll update later when I've seen result!!

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