BodyJet Lipo to 5 Areas

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Day 3: SO definitely a little bit more sore...

Day 3:

SO definitely a little bit more sore today .... but not unbearable at all. I took tylenol this morning for the pain . I took the baby to the mall and we went shopping! SO apparently the pain isn't that bad! Just hurts if you bump up against something or to sit, or get up.Swelling had increased when I woke up, but now its the end of the day and it has gone down a great deal. Just drainage from one area today and it was very little.  The results are freakin amazing .. I can't believe It is already lookin good! Can't wait to see the end results!  I'll keep  you posted

So I am a week and a few days out .. everything is...

So I am a week and a few days out .. everything is wonderful. My body is drastically changed. The back of my legs are freakin ridiculously different .. and the love handles .. it is crazy the difference this has made! My confidence is soooo boosted . Oh and I have lost 5 lbs , from before surgery weight...awesome. Not to mention there is still some swelling! I have an appt in 4 weeks to take my after pictures. I can't wait to post them for ya'll! ALL my pants are loose, everything looks better on... just wow this rocks.... well worth the money , no regrets. HIGHLY RECOmmended. I should/could be on a commercial for smartlipo lol!!!!! Next thing up is Latisse got a prescription for it , can't wait to begin using it! Hope it works : ) It would be wonderful not to have to put a pound of mascara on just to look like i have eyelashes.. Okay sorry off the subject!  This compression garment sucks .. I am definitely sick of wearing it, not to mention it creeps my boyfriend out, its like a full body crotchless leotard.. not so sexy! Ha but its worth wearing!  Good luck to everyone intersted in this procedure ... FInd a great doctor like mine!

Hey guys ... I have had pictures posted.. but due...

Hey guys ... I have had pictures posted.. but due to harrassment ,  , I have decided that for the  safety of myself , my family, and my privacy that is necessary that I delete them   (the pictures were personal picture that showed my face and my child was in a couple of them). I will call my doctor again and remind them to email me the actual DOCTORS before and afters because I do want ya'll to see my results, I have seen the before and after pics at the docs office and I am very happy with them. The whole experience was wonderful!  BIG confidence boost, now I am working out harder and feeling better about myself and body than ever before. Please don't bug me about the before and afters, I will call and ask for them , and I will post them as soon as I receive them , but I am not going to hound my doctor for them because I am aware that he and his staff are very busy. I am busy as well. Single working mother . ( I am talking to one person in particular).

*There is absolutely no point in reading all my comments on my page, a bitter jealous woman decided she was ENTITLED to claim my post is fake... and she posts and posts and posts ... so if you feel like reading a bunch of bull go ahead, actually they are pretty amusing.

Good Luck to all considering this procedure! Hope my blog could help! 

<3 Ash from plano

I am going to tell you my WHOLE story , its going...

I am going to tell you my WHOLE story , its going to be long! But when researching to do this I wanted to hear every detail so I hope you do too.

I am a pretty skinny girl. I had a baby one year ago and during my pregnancy I gained 90 lbs! I went from a size 00 (90 lbs)to a size 12(190lbs) in 9 months!! I am 5'7". I have worked out pretty much every day since giving birth. I now weigh around 120, and I am very toned, I think I am in the best physical shape of my life but I still cant seem to get rid of just a few stubborn spots. Mainly loose skin though. I have horrible stretch marks from the pregnancy !

OKay so I needed a little "help" on these problem areas. I went to the consultation and the Pre-op and all that. Now surgery day : I went into the doctor's office at 10 am to recieve smartlipo on my lovehandles, arms, and inner thighs. Because my doctor is one of the best in smartlipo in the world he has doctors from all over the U.S. come to watch and study him from time to time. Just my lucky day , he asks if a colleague of his that wants to study msartlipo can watch. Of course I say yes. I got undressed and wore the skimpy little bra and string underwear they provide you and he began to draw on the areas I was getting done. Then he said well ya know I think you would really benefit from this on ur outer thighs and banana roll (right under ur butt) as well.SO he marked me up there and offered to do those areas for no additional cost! HECK YAAAAAA! ( he said it was bc I was so kind to let the other doctor watch) Also after squeezing and pinching all my fat he thought that doing body jet lipo would be more effective on every area except my inner thighs.

SO I took 3 valium and let those kick in then the surgery began! FIrst a nurse wiped me down with some really cold gel-type substance all over the areas I was getting done. I was a little loopy from the medicine so I don't remember too much. There were some very sharp uncomrtable tugs and pulls at times and some stabbing feelings... but It honestly was nothing unbearable. I never shed a tear and the doctor and nurses were so amazing of taking care of my evey need! The procedure seemed to fly by ! After they were all done the hardest part( i think) was gettin into the compression garment. You have to place the drainage pads over your incisions and get the garment pulled up and on at the same time... it took 3 people lol. Dr. Caruth personally walked me to the car ! He was soooo wonderful throughout all of it! My boyfriend was there through it all : ). He drove me home and stopped at got me some mashed potatoes from KFC. (wasnt hungry at all , but you do really need some food in your belly for the medications). I got home , wasn't really in pain , but I was pretty sleepy. I took a LOOOONNNG nap and when I woke up I noticed that there was a lot of drainage , so we changed all my pads. I used nursing pads actually. I had them left over from when I breastfed, they work like a charm. They are the perfect round size, super absorbent , and not uncomfortable to lay on. You can also use maxi pads. Travis( my boyfriend) helped me changes em out ... which i definitely have someone there to help take care of you , it would have been really hard to do all this on my own. I took and ambien and another hydrocodine and slept like a baby allllll night!

Day2: WOke up felt pretty sore... no visible bruising yet. The only REALLLY swollen area is my hands and wrists! Lol I look Like I am wearing a catchers mit! haha.. WE changed the drainage pads rigght when I woke up. Im hardly draining anything out at all now so thats great. I just can't believe how weasy all of this is! ... SHower time .. Travis helped me get out of my garments and took off all the pads, and I when I looked in the mirror OMG I almost passed out .. the results are phenomenal! After only one day , even with some swelling! I CAn NOt believe it. This is the best I have ever looked in my life. WOW. And to know its just gonna get better and better . I am so excited. Ya'll I seriously recommend this procedure. BUT I didd a lotttttt of research and went to a lot of consultations before I decided to go with my doctor. SO I definitely recommened finding the best doctor possible in your area. He may be more exspensive , but its worth it ! WHo knows he may have someone studying him that day like mine did and add some complimentary areas!

Okay so I am going to keep bloggin on this every few days to let ya'll know how its going, and how it turns out! I am going to before pictures from the doctor at my one week appointment, I'll take after pictures as well and post them . I am posting a picture of me 2 days before the procedure just so u can get an idea of what size I am before hand.



Dr. Caruth at Plano Aesthetics in Plano, TX

Dr. and his staff were all so amazing and kind to me from the consultation to even checking up on me the day after surgery. This whole experience has just been delightful, and the results thus far are incredible and will only get better!

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