SmartLipo Flanks, Inner/Outer Thighs, Tummy (142lb, Size 9) - Calhoun, GA

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Surgery Day July 23th, 2009 I was nervous but...

Surgery Day July 23th, 2009

I was nervous but the staff and doctor was WONDERFUL!! I did all the pre op requests.... taking the medicines and usuing the herbal tabs suggested to reduce swelling.

I was put under anestesia. I'm assuming they put a tube in my throat, it's soar and I didn't realize it until just now..., 9 hours later.

My pain meds have worn off and it's kinda uncomfortalble as we speak, so I'll continue to take thme for the next day or too.

The anesthesiologist was great too!! very professioal.. everyone was.  So I go in, they give me antibiotics via iv, then went directly into room and was out in like 5 seconds from when I laid on the table. It was quick to me!! An hour and half. though. Very easy, low pain. But, it is day one, so we will see. They called me to check on me, but I missed the call, lol.

I do not see any changes quiet yet.  I can tell that my pants are a little loser.  I have not removed the garmet to see.

So far, very very low uncomforable pain. It hurts to sit down, but I bear through it. I mostly lay down. 

I'll post PostOp pictures tomorrow!

I am still sore today, my body is swollen. My feet...

I am still sore today, my body is swollen. My feet swelled pretty bad, so I slept w/my body and feel elevated and it's went down. My right hip feels a little numb to the touch, but it's really  tight from everything...  It's easier to move around day by day.

I will post images weekly/biweekly so you can see results. I cut my pain meds in half, just enough to knock the edge off and keep my blood thinned.  It also made me tired.

I didn't see my last update above, but I became dizzy as the blood pressure dropped the first time I took my garmet off. I also became nausiated and had to lay down. I was thankful I had someone with me. My doctor told me it was normal and it may happen again.. that it was just from being compressed im the garmet.  With that said, this discussion is  not a substitution for your doctors care and/or advise and is not to be taken as such.

Otherwise, feel free to ask away. I'll post more picts on the 31st of July.

Post OP - Day 8 I'm still bruised and the...

Post OP - Day 8

I'm still bruised and the swelling is starting to subside.  My body is still very sore to the touch. I can't wait until I can return to the gym! Better yet, shop for clothing :)

I'm posting some picts and you can start to see a difference in appearance, but not too much. I think I'm more swollen than the day one pictures. The doctor took out 2 liters of fat cells, wow. He said I could wear the garmet on and off this week, but I think I'll keep it on until the end of the week just because I feel more comfortable. I then will start taking it off bit by bit.

POST OP Day 15 I cannot believe it's...

POST OP Day 15

I cannot believe it's already been two weeks since the procedure. I started feeling like normal again yesterday. A little sore to the touch, but I can now get in and out of my car with ease. I started back excercising yesterday too.... my muscles hurt today though, lol.  But, I would say that it takes about a good 2 weeks to get back up and going again. I took the garmet off for the day, as I have been all week but back on to sleep until tomorrow.. then away it goes :)  My clothes are obviously smaller, and no muffen top, hooray!! The doctor said to give it time, and I will start to notice my skin getting tighter. I can tell a difference on my stomach.

The swelling has went down! I weighed before surgery at 137, after surgery (w/swelling) was 146. Then I'm  back down to 138 today. So I'm looking forward to inching down further as time goes. I'm not sure on the measurement lose, I never thought to measure the before.

Stay tuned for pictures by the weekend.

Post Op Day 18 I just wanted to add that...

Post Op Day 18

I just wanted to add that I haven't had my garmet on for about 2 days now and I have swelled.. as you can see some in day 17 photograph. (hip and leg area especially) 

I'm still a little sore to the touch in some areas, but not hardly at all. Now I'm just waiting for the swelling to completely go away and the tightening to begin :) I have lost a total of .5 pounds.

7 weeks Post Op: The soreness is about 90%...

7 weeks Post Op:

The soreness is about 90% gone when I push against the treated areas. My incisions are still swollen as you can tell in the 7 week photographs ( notice the lumps on the inside of the theigh.. that is one of few of the incision points. Also on the side of my hips and rear.) I think my lower back is and stomach is still swollen too.The doctor is going to take my post op photographs in 6 weeks more weeks to let the rest of the swelling go down. I am very happy with the results. I was about a size 9-10 before the surgery. I weigh about the same, but I can fit comfortably in a size 6.  I am now wishing that I had my rear done just a little bit, but I may take that into conscideration when I have my breast lift. I think I'm going to work out more first to see if I can make is just a little smaller first to save some money.  I will be going back to the same doctor for the breast lift. I will post more pictures at 12 weeks.

Let me say I have been reading reviews and have...

Let me say I have been reading reviews and have finally decided to have smartlipo preformed.

I am 2 days out from procedure.. and I'm very nervous. My main worry is lumps/bumps, then extra skin at the belly area from where I had my baby 2 years ago. I weigh 142 and a size 9.

I had mentioned that I wanted to keep my "rear".. because I liked that I had a butt, but wanted to shape those areas back somewhat to where it was before, or at least try. I asked if I was going to have lots of skin, or lumps/bumps and was assured I was going to be fine. They did tell me in the beginning that I would have some loose skin that could be pinched on my tummy and that it was unavoidable, but that it wasn't what I think it's going to be.

So, I'm going to go ahead and post pre-op photographs and I'll check back in 2 days :).


6 months Post Op

I just wanted to write and mention that I don't believe this surgery helps cellulite. I think it created more for me on my rear which is the only thing I'm unhappy about. BUT I would much rather deal with the cellulite than to be the size I was prior to surgery. Therefore, I am happy with the outcome.



Chattanooga Facial Plastic Surgeon

He is wonderful! Caring, and his staff acts like family. I've never been treated negatively and everyone is so chatty and friendly. They call to check up on you and they even gave me free laser surgery as a gift. :) They are very thorough too... I'll defiantly go back.

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