Smart Lipo on my Abdomen (Upper/lower) and Back. I'm Extremely Happy with my Result.

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My friend invited me for lunch on monday ( one...

my friend invited me for lunch on monday ( one month ago)and she told me the news " i had liposution done 3 days ago" i was very surprised because she was working (office job)she showed her noticeable result and i asked her for her doctor name. she told me the con and pro and immediately schedule an appt with the doctor..

went to see him. he was really nice and check all his credentials . i scheduled my procedure for june 24,09

june 24 09 day of the procedure went in at 830 am along with my boyfriend. they marked my area, took pics and weight me (137 lb) 5'4" he started with lidocaine inj ( for me this was the most painful part of the procedure) then he did some small inciscion and did not feel any pain then he started putting fluid under my skin belly and back)total of 4 IV bags with lidocadine and epinephrin. after all fluid was inside my skin i looked like 7 months

30 mins later he put me back on the table and he started extracting my fat GROSSS i was awake did not feel any pain only around my belly button but he putted more anesthetic then i did not feel any pain.. he took almost 3 hours extracting all the fat then he asked to stand up in front of the table to check for any uneven part. he marked me again and putted back on the table for another section of fat extraction . so he extracted what he needed to extract then he proceeded with the laser machine under my skin. i did not feel anything pain some part i feel a burning sensation but nothing major after almost 45 mins of laser all over my belly and back he suctioned the remaining melted fat. the whole procedure was about 4 hours and he extracted 2000 of fat 1 00 PM my boyfriend droved me home


i had alot pain (he prescribed pain killer but did not work very well for me ) i called my doctor cell phone and he told me to take 2 tylenos along with the pain killer and that help me) after surgery is the worst part of the whole procedure so you need somoene to help you around the house and to shower at least for the first day of the surgery..

june 25 i was much better i could move around alitle better i had alot bruise on my back but you can see my result already

june 26 i went out to eat with my boyfriend. im walking slowly but i much better

june 27 it was ok im more independent

june 28 took a trip to canada for businesses and stay there until june 30

july 1 iam 7 days post of went to see my doctor and went back to work.. still swolled up and unconfortable.. i had a great experience with my doctor and his staff..

Jan 19.10 since i did my lipo six month ago. i...

jan 19.10 since i did my lipo six month ago. i gained 7 pounds and  i had to do a touch up since my lower abdomen was  slighly uneven.   the procedure was a litle bit painful. my doctor removed 250 cc of fat this time. he re touch my right side, around my belly botton and my back..  will recomend to anybody that doing this procedure not to gain any weigh since the result will change dramatacally.. i have to pay 500 dollars extra since i gained weight.. .  im one day post op and i feel good , i can move around. will post some picture soon.

Neil Goodman

he is excellent, caring and professional. he is very good in what he does

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