27 Y/o Mom of 3 - Hoping There is Light at the End of the Tunnel

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I want to tell you a little about myself - because...

I want to tell you a little about myself - because I always think that stuff helps when getting something this big done. Im a 27 year old mom with three boys. I had my first child at 20 and my last 6 months ago. I dropped all my baby weight and Im at the weight I want to be 128 ( Im 5'4) . BUT I have a wrinkly tummy and a pooch from having 9.8 lb babies! I dont have stretch marks ( Im thankful ) but I get asked all the time if I am pregnant. It drives me crazy. I went about this all hoping I could get a flatter stomach - one I havent seen since I was 19! I did my smart lipo through a school. It was given at a discount rate if I let students in the room to watch. I only did the front part of my stomach. The person I dealt with was amazing. She listened and she is still helping me. She calls to check in with me, she emails me right back with any questions. She is also helping me get on the right track with taking vitamins. I cant be thankful enough on how they have been so far. I did my procedure on July 25, 2009. So Im only about a week and half out. I went in for a consultation a month ahead of time and they helped me do my procedure on a Saturday. I got there and was given a sediative by mouth and the procedure was started about an hour after that. I really didnt feel much with the pill to be honest. The procedure wasnt too bad either. I had so much numbing solution that I didnt really hurt after either. It was so numb till about 5am the next morning I woke up going " Oh my gosh! ". It did hurt at that point and that is when I started the vicodin. That really helped with the pain.After the procedure changing the pads was very hard. I had to have my husband do it. I was just grossed out and one of the insistions wouldnt stop bleeding. By the next day in the evening it looked like the bleeding and solution stopped seeping through. I was told I had almost 300 ccs removed from my stomach. My stomach was incredibly swollen after - I looked pregnant to be honest. At this point the garmet is a pain to wear but I still have it on. I do have the hard areas under my stomach but I was told that you want that and the longer its hard the better results you will get. I cant notice any difference at this point. I look the same but its kinda orange in color in some areas and its hard and still hurts to be touched. It is getting better and better each day with the pain of course. Im just hoping soon I will see it start to go down. I was told that I should have a nice flat stomach - they kept telling me excitedly while they were doing the procedure. So Im keeping my fingers crossed. I will keep updating my progress for you all and feel free to message me with any questions. I know when I read the reviews I had so many things I wanted to ask. So feel free.

Update: 2 WeeksI can say the swelling has gone...

Update: 2 Weeks

I can say the swelling has gone down a lot. It is still painful to touch. Its hard because I cant really wear jeans yet either. If I do I have to leave the top button undone because sitting or bending over hurts. Its like a burning hurt too. Not a sharp pain which is totally weird. When they say minimal discomfort I really dont believe that. I was told it just depends how much fat was removed and where you get it done too. Which makes sense.

The part under my belly button is very hard. Starting today Im suppose to do massages on it. It is just going to hurt to do that and kinda makes me sick to my stomach even pushing on it.

I dont have the garmet on anymore. I didnt like wearing that at all. The one I was given was a one peice. So it went over my butt and under my bra line. Plus they gave me black which isnt easy to hide at all. It was just like those shaper things you buy at Target. Now that the swelling is mostly gone and it doesnt giggle when I walk I can have it off. But still cant sleep on my stomach.

Im going to add pictures. Feel free to ask questions if I missed anything.

Im back six months later wanting to update my...

Im back six months later wanting to update my profile on here.

Im not going to say that this whole procedure was worth it to be honest. I feel like I made a little progress because of this procedure but not this big change like I have seen in other people. I was really thinking at the end of this I would have a flat stomach. Its very disappointing to me.

Another thing is when it says no scars. I have two dots that are scars!

With my dr that I found over time too. She was really good at talking to me and having me come in for massage ( one time ) then when I tried to get ahold of her after the one time she wouldnt return emails or phone calls. Then I made an appt ( which is an hour drive one way for me ) and no one was in the office. I tried calling and left a message saying what happened. I never got a call back. I gave up and didnt come back in again.

My pictures of my stomach now are added on the review. I would love to hear what you have to say. Cause I just dont see this huge change. Please feel free to ask any questions you have too. I always will email you back.

I got smart lipo done on my stomach three weeks ago and Im wondering what these hard spots are? Will they go away?
Lynne Shaklan-Brown, Arizona Laser Institute of Medical Aesthetics

She has been so helpful. I couldnt ask for a better person. I can reach them by email or phone at any time. She has been willing to help me in other ways as far as my fatigue too. Not to get money either. To actually help. You could tell they cared.

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