Chose Smartlipo Instead of Tummy Tuck

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I had Smartlipo done to my upper and lower...

I had Smartlipo done to my upper and lower abdomen, and my front flanks last Saturday (6 days ago). I was supposed to have had my back blanks and inner thighs done as well, but the surgeon spent 5 hours on my abdomen and suggested that have the rest done later.

I'm actually very pleased. I am really a candidate for a full tummy tuck (2 9 lbs kids before age 30) left me with horrible stretch marks, sagging skin and a pouch, but my goal was too just look better in my clothes and having major surgery is not an option.

The pain during the numbing was the worse, followed by the last half hour of constant digging in the same spots of my stomach. The assistant fed me during the procedure and I mainly tried to stay distracted by listening to my Ipod.

Both my husband and I can see a difference. No bruising at all and I only had to take pain meds the first day. I was out and about on Sunday but took off work and only went to the hair salon on Monday. I'm now only sore at the end of day and whenever I'm removing that stupid compression garment to use the bathroom.

The doctor was pretty surprised that the results turned out so well at the one-day follow up, as he had warned me that the sagging stomach might not get any better because so much was loose skin. I hope I'm not disappointed with the skin elasticity once the swelling is all gone. I still plan to have my rear flanks and inner thighs done.

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