3 Months Post Smartlipo (Abs, Flanks, Inner Thighs) with Pics

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I had smart lipo done on May 22, 2009. I had abs,...

I had smart lipo done on May 22, 2009. I had abs, inner thighs, and flanks. I did much research before the procedure, and found that there were very few posts after the 3-6 month periods (that we are supposed to get "final results" ) and even fewer of these post that provided pictures. I really would have liked to have had these pictures and input, when I made my decision. It is my goal now to do this.

I have been following this site for 9 months now, and I do have to wonder about the integrity of some of those posting. There seems to be many claims of "I was at a size 6-8 and now am in a size 2" and "I lost 15 lbs". My experience, while I am still giving a thumbs up, was nothing like that. If I were researching having smart Lipo done, I would really look at these posts (that have no pics) and wonder about who really posted them..? Apparently there are some doctors out there that have people post really great fabricated results, that lead into referrals for them. Just a note of caution. Look for results with pictures! I have also noted that many of these posts say "I'm going to post pictures as soon as I get them from my doctor". Keep checking for the pictures. Many times they never come. Keep this in mind if considering this particular doctor, and the claim seems above what others have posted.

Having said that, I have posted my before and after pics and I want to give a true description of what to expect. While I do think that my pictures after 3 months do look better than before....and I most definitely "feel and look" better in my clothes, the truth is, I lost only maybe one or so inches in measurements and did not go down a size.

Also important to note I think is that my one month pics looked better than my 3 month pics, so it may not actually "get better" after 3 months. If you want to view more of my pics, just let me know. I think my results are typical. I am very happy with my results, and given what my final results are so far, I would still give it a thumbs up!!!

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Cosmetic surgeons are not the same as board-certified plastic surgeons who must study surgery in medical school,” said “20/20” anchor Diane Sawyer. “Some doctors pick up surgery techniques at a few weekend workshops and start practicing.”

Procedures including breast augmentation and liposuction were taught at these weekend seminars. Attendees included dentists, ophthalmologists and family practitioners. “20/20” challenged the quality of the certificates provided by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery to its weekend seminar attendees. It was noted that these certificates looked quite official and that a patient reading it could assume that the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery had affirmed this physician in some fashion. A spokesperson for the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery replied that a consumer of plastic surgery should not assume that a workshop or seminar sponsored by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery implies that the individual is qualified.

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