25 Days Post-op from Laser Lipo for Stubborn Fat on Frontal Area of Lower Abdomen

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Well, I've had laser liposuction on my lower...

Well, I've had laser liposuction on my lower abdominal area. Although I have a considerable amount of swelling on my left side, the right side has healed perfectly and just to what I was expecting prior to surgery. I am quite happy that my doctor has followed through with everything to make sure that the healing process has been stable.

I chose to receive this procedure because diet and exercise was clearly not enough to burn off the stubborn fat on the frontal area of my lower abdomen. I went through one month burning 800 calories/day for 4 days a week using a mix of exercises that whipped me into shape, however the results on my lower abdomen was truly and consistently discouraging.

The procedure was about 1.45 hours long and I had 600cc taken out. I am male, 5'11" and a normal 180 pounds, so that 600cc must have been extremely stubborn stuff.

The pain was moderate right afterwards. It hurt when I walked, and had to walk with a gentle limp. It took about 8 days for me to start walking normally.

Anyways, I'm 25 days post-op and the swelling on my left lower abdominal area is pretty big. I know it is healing, but it's a pretty slow looking process.

I'll post an update with some before and after pictures.

Alright, it is now 45 Days post-op and...

Alright, it is now 45 Days post-op and I still have hematoma here on my left side.

If you look at the picture, you'll notice it's a slightly huge bulge that protrudes out of my lower abdominal area. So far, my PS has told me that it will go away by itself. I'm seeing him twice a week for therapeutic ultrasounds right now to help with the bruising.

If anyone here has anything to share about this hematoma, please share! Is this normal?

My right side looks perfectly fine, but my left side looks like it has a long way to go.

Laser Liposuction: I am 25 days post-op from a laser liposuction procedure on my lower abdominal area. The right side of the abs is healing very well and has flattened quite a bit (going to wait for another 4 months for final results). However, the left side abdominal area is still swelled up quite a bit. My doctor had me go through an ultrasound and concluded that there's no seroma, but a considerable amount of hematoma which is causing this big bump on my left-side lower abdominal area. Although it has definitely healed a lot since the first 5 days (it was the size of a football!) it has decreased in size by a huge margin, but it is very noticeable. If I wear a fitted shirt, the left side bulge is visible and quiet frustrating to look at. I have asked my doctor and he has reassured me that waiting and repeat visits to him for therapeutic ultrasound sessions will be fine. My question is, after almost a month, is there anything I can do myself to speed up the healing? Perhaps anything I can ask the doctor which haven't crossed my mind? Any response or input is greatly appreciated. I trust my doctor and he has been very helpful thus far.

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I recommend my provider because he's been very honest and very helpful. His staff is very attentive and they go out of there way to make sure you're good to go.

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