Laser Procedures Caused 100s of Extra Lines on my Face

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I've had thermage which only slightly tightened my...

I've had thermage which only slightly tightened my skin.

No pros.
Cons: Very painful, very expensive, lousy results.

I've had 5 microdermabrasions (the 'scratchy' kind).

Pros: It got rid of acne that was deeper under my skin.
Cons: It literally scratched my face and left new lines.

I've had 4 IPL's.

Pros: Worked wonders. Even smoothed out some areas on my skin.
Cons: Painful and requires at least 4 treatments which can get expensive.

I've had 2 affirm treatments.

Pros: only slightly tightened my skin.
Cons: Painful, expensive and left me with more lines on my face than my 50+yr old sister. Very upset!

One light chemical peel.

Pros: Skin felt softer. Not painful.
Cons: Didn't do anything the doctor claimed it would do.

What can I do to fix the hundreds of extra lines on my face after numerous laser procedures have made my skin 100x worse than it was before?

All Lasers

All the lasers combined have ruined my skin and the underlying layers. It has also ruined my life. The nurse that did these lasers melted my dermis, annihilated my oil, sweat and sebaceous glands, annihilated my heat and cold receptors, annihilated all fat and collagen, what blood flow/veins I had in my face either shrunk or disappeared. I was left with low dose radiation poisoning, lines, cracks, stretch marks on my face, sagging, vitiligo, keratosis and so many other things. Makeup does not adhere to my face at all... not even dermablend. Lotions and oils just sit on the surface of my face now, none of it soaks in. Doctors will not help. Have gone the natural route... acupuncture, massage, naturopath, change in diet, supplements, etc. The damages have stopped, but I look like a very unhealthy 70+ yr old and I am in my 40's.
If you have skin problems I would like to suggest you use natural methods to deal with it or get a doc to prescribe you Obagi products as I have seen on others how truly great it works for all types of skin problems. Lasers are out there 'courtesy' of the Pharmaceutical industry and they don't care what happens to you as long as they are making money hand over fist.
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The doctor and staff members at the clinics I went to always said...This will work or that will work or lets try this. If they're in it for the money, then why not give the correct procedure for each individual so they'll keep coming back and recommend others? Do not get any procedures done in Red Deer, Alberta. They're not qualified to do these procedures. I've been to 4 clincs so far and not one clinic provided me with anything that would work. I feel like a sucker!

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