Fraxel Repair Disaster on Face and Neck

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I had Fraxel Repair procedure done 13 days ago. I...

I had Fraxel Repair procedure done 13 days ago. I have just turned 40. Before the procedure I had a soft, beautiful, smooth, flawless skin. No scar, no acne, no acne spots/scars, no discoloration, redness, or any other possible flaws; only an extremely mild case of wrinkles which I've been treating for the past 6 or more years with Botox and lately have included fillers in the treatment.

Right after I turned 40, I thought about various facelift options but did not really intend to go with any of them, since I do not believe in the idea of having scars near my ears; however, it is nice to have a define Jowl lines again although mine were relatively ok.

My doctor suggested Fraxel repair on my neck and face. I have never regretted anything in my entire life. Now my entire face is full of scars, discoloration, acnes, redness, pigment changes...and NO FACELIFT results what so ever is observed, on the contrary my jowl lines seem quite saggy and have dropped.

I was promised to look 10 years younger. I am so disappointed to see a face that could have been a version of me during my 50s or 60s.

I had a huge argument with my doctor yesterday when I went to see him, and now we are in bad relation. The procedure cost me so far over 7000 dollars. In the past two weeks, he has sold me 700 dollars worth of skin care to use after the procedure...I have big scars on my face...he told me that they go away within 3 to 6 months, which after reading all the reviews I am starting to doubt.

In general I think that I was not a candidate for this procedure at all. I have been misled by my doctor just so they could make money off of me. Later after the procedure, I studied the Fraxel web site and learned that I do not fall within the category of the people who are good candidates for this procedure because I don't have any of the symptoms a good candidate has.

Yesterday my doctor and I had a major argument where I burst into tears; and I told him that I will seek legal advice. Now I am seeking recommendations for moisturizers or other skin care or suggestions to help. So far after the procedure, within the last 13 days my doctor has sold me Bionect creams, a bunch of makeup, Neova copper cream, face wash etc but no moisturizer as of yet... I have rashes on my skin and I need moisturizers as I am so dry all over my face and neck...Please help

What should I do? What type of moisturizer and when should I use...what kind of legal help I can get?


Updated on June 4, 2010:

I would like to provide an update on my Fraxel Repair procedure that I had in September of 2009. Right after the procedure, I had redness, swelling, and an acne breakout. I didn’t look like myself and this scared me tremendously. I have never experienced acne before and I thought this would leave permanent scars so I was very sad. The oral antibiotics took care of my acne and I have no scars whatsoever.

I have had Botox and fillers done before and the downtime was minimal. Even though I was warned about the lengthy healing process, I wasn’t mentally prepared for the downtime and immediate outcome of Fraxel Repair. I was so freaked out and, therefore, I thought the doctor damaged my face. After all, this was fractionated CO2 that I had and my skin needed the proper time to heal.

My face is now “normal” like before. I always take extra precaution by wearing a hat every time I’m in the sun. I’m sure there was some long term benefit of me doing the Fraxel Repair CO2 given collagen production and removal of sundamage deep in my skin. I was 40 when I had the treatment done and I didn’t have much of any wrinkles to begin with so I didn’t see a dramatic difference in my before and after pictures.

My advice would be to ask the physician for immediate after pictures of patients who have had this particular procedure. Fraxel Repair CO2 is considered a bigger procedure and you would want to know what you will look like immediately afterwards so you can prepare yourself mentally and physically for the healing process.

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