Sculptra Nodules Destroyed my Self Image

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My experience was great in the begining. After the...

My experience was great in the begining. After the second treatment nodules appeared. I was mortified. The doctor acted like it wasn't a big deal. I was given some cortisone but there was no improvment.

I will not ever get any more or recommend it to anyone. I will do what ever I can to convince people otherwise.

I followed after care just as instructed. I also was not told that if you follow after care instructions, you may still end up with nodules that are going to be with you for awhile. I feel deceived. Everytime I wash my face I am reminded of my big mistake. I wish I never got it done.

Oh yeah, when people touch my face like a partner..."Do you have a tumor?" or "What is that?" I'm sick about all of it. Worst thing is my mother went to get treatment based on my results from session one. Now I fear for her as well.

I would like to know what to do about the nodules that appeared 2 weeks after my second sculptra treatment. I was told to do vigorous massage, and it got bigger. I was then given some cortisone and told it may help. Then I was simply told it's just part of sculptra. Is there anything I can do that will not disfigure me any further. My last treatment was on June 5th of 2009. Nodules were noticed on June 22 2009.

Birmingham Dermatologist

No simply because I was not informed of the risk prior to treatment. I was told that with after care massage everything would be fine. I was persistent with the massage, and still got the nodules. No one ever said: Even if you follow aftercare protocol you may develope lumps that will not go away until the sculptra does.

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