Sculptra in Cheeks and Around Mouth - Concerns and Questions

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Excellent product so far.  Looks beautiful,...

Excellent product so far.  Looks beautiful, natural and sublte change of youthful fullness - which is what I wanted.  I had an allergic reaction to topical numbing solution and recommend using ice instead when receiving the injections.

Updated on Nov 25, 2009
Two months ago I had my first sculptra treatment around my mouth for lines, sides of face where my vertical smile lines are, cheeks and cheek bones. My doctor said she used very little (less than a full vile or 3-4 ounces). I had a bad skin reaction that went away with antibiotics, steroid cream and time. I have been unfortunate in that there no lumps or bumps so far.

I did not like the heaviness in my lower face and around my mouth from the beginning. About one month later, my doctor added (she said just one ounce total half in each cheek) to my upper cheek and cheek bones. I needed it and liked that the balance of my original face shape returned and it looked good the first two weeks. Very little swelling and redness. Nothing like the first time. And the second treatment did not hurt at all. In fact she did not use any topical numbing - pain free the second treatment!

However, two weeks after my second treatment the heaviness and fat round face seems to be worse. Chipmunk look. No lines but no contours. In this second treatment, the doctor did not add any to my bottom face nor around the mouth, just the upper cheek and cheek bones but it looks very heavy, worse. I like the cheek bones but do not like the mouth and lower face fullness.

Is there a way to reduce the heaviness in my lower face? I am exercising more trying to burn body fat and eating less. But I don't want to become an anorexic over this. And does lots of fat burning exercise help to offset the heaviness from the Sculptra? Or am I fighting a useless battle? Are there any other ways to reduce the heaviness from the Sculptra?

No pros so far. I did not expect Sculptra to blow...

No pros so far. I did not expect Sculptra to blow up my face and change my smile so much. It's only been a week but I am upset that I may be stuck with this for a few years.

I went to my dermatologist for botox which I received and had good experience with for several years. At that time, I asked my doctor about lines around my mouth particularly from corners down to chin. Not huge by any means but beginning to be more noticeable as I approach 50. She recommended Sculptra and said it would created collegan in my skin to plump it up. She then suggested I do my cheeks and I trusted and said ok.

I thought it would be absorbed after first treatment and make collegan plumping a few months later. It's been very full since day one after treatment and fullness in face and around mouth as not gone down. I am upset that my face which was very pretty is not the same anymore.

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I recommend my doctor highly who I have been using for years with excellent results always with various facial cosmetic treatments and now Sculptra. But I had an alarming experience the first 10 days after sculptra due allergic reaction to the numbing solution - not the sculptra. A big part of the alarm was the unknown and unexpected with this newly approved cosmetic wonder injection. My doctor treated my skin and the condition turned around in 48 hours. And the sculptra results look beautiful in my face so far. Subtle but naturally a bit fuller so far. I look forward to the next few months to see the overall results.

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