Laser & Celestone Chronodose for Hyperpigmentation Scar (Asian Skin)

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Oneyear ago I went to see a skin/vein specialist...

Oneyear ago I went to see a skin/vein specialist to treat it and he performed 3 laser treatments which further left left red (and raised) scars all around the edges of it. 6 months later he injected Celestone Chronodose (Betamethasone Injection) into the scars on the edges, and I have been applying Corticosteroid cream daily under his instruction.

The laser treatment made the original scar 1/2 shades lighter but in the end is not worth it as the scarred edges just brings more attention to it and now it will take much longer to treat the edges. It has been emotionally draining.

I have asian skin and dropped a steam iron on my thigh which left a flat discoloration over 5 years ago. I would like a second opinion about the scar on my thigh and is there a better solution to treat it, as the burnt edges are really disturbing me. Thanks

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