Breast Augmentation 2nd No Pain at All

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This was my second breast augmentaion due to being...

this was my second breast augmentaion due to being so disappointed with the the out outcome of the first i decided to fly out of state to have this one. im glad i did my overall experience and outcome have been great i had the absulute best most caring docter and his staff not to mention the hospital went above and behond the norms to make sure that i was comfortable.

i have had no pain what so ever took one pian pill the night of the surgery just as a precautionary messurement.the next two days i took tynlol just to be on the safe side even though i didnt need too.

i knew from the time i was very young that i want to have larger breast when i had my first b/a the out come was still the same except for i still wanted them to be bigger, so i went for the second and final time. first b/a was 500cc silicone,i was not as educated as i feel i should have been on the perjection and dienentions that differed from silicone to saline,like most woman that go for the 2nd and 3rd time,i also wanted a redo bcause i wanted to go bigger,therefore i went with the saline this time many say that you sacerfice the feel for natural breast when you go with saline,however when your goal is to achieve a much larger size,you quickly forget about wanting the breast to feel natural atleast that was the case for me.

lookin back the only regret i have is waiting as long as i did.i have more self confedence in my self about wearing low cut shirts i feel them out now they actually has deffenatly been worth it to me,and i would do it all over again.

San Diego Plastic Surgeon

made me feel like i was the most important it was a honor for him that i had chose him as my surgen when in fact i felt like i was honored to have him and his staff to except me as a patient,excellent pain manegment went above and behond any and all of my expectaions was very understanding caring,made me feel like i was part of there famialy,he has a eye for detail,seems to know just what your trying to say when you dont know the right words to say to try and and make sure he understands what your goal is. he has a special gift,that you dont find in many doctors today. i will always use him for all of my future plastic surgeries.

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