Right Surgeon, Right Procedure (Facelift)

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I am so delighted with my facelift and lower lid...

I am so delighted with my facelift and lower lid canthopexy. Living here in California, we see so many bad facelifts, especially those who are pulled too tight. I am over 70 and am being approached by younger men.

In thinking of my experience and that of friends, I am convinced of a couple truths.

1. Find out who the other surgeons go to for their facelifts.

2. If a surgeon is NOT board certified, go to one who is. There are plenty who were smart enough to pass their boards.

3. Spend the money for the real thing. My friends who had mini-lifts had revisions done in a couple years and ultimately spent more money than I did.

4. If you spend more time with a "closer" than you do with the surgeon, run. They work on commission and try to sell you more surgery than you may need.

5. Fancy addresses are just geography and have nothing to do with the results you get. Also, you are paying for those high rents. Go for the best surgeon, not the best address.

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Santa Ana Plastic Surgeon

Father of the modern facelift. Other plastic surgeons go to him. Other surgeons who trained under him are also excellent

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