Rhinoplasty - Smiling is Difficult After Resecting the Depressor Septi Muscle

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I had my rhinoplasty 2 days ago. One of the...

I had my rhinoplasty 2 days ago. One of the procedures was resecting the depressor septi muscle. Needless to say I can't move my upper lip... and I noticed one of my cousins who also had a rhinoplasty years ago sometimes has a smile similar to Batman's Joker's.

I just realized that the pain I had started to...

I just realized that the pain I had started to feel yesterday inside my upper lip may be due to a possible frenulum incission. I am really upset about this since I told the doctor very clearly that i didn't want to change my smile.  In case he did make the incision, is there anyway i will recover my smile? will I need another surgery to stitch the frenulum together?

Could the pain be due to an injection in the upper lip as opposed to an incission? Omg, I am really freaking out now... :(

Will I ever have my old smile back?

Hello again, I am now at day 17, dressing is...

Hello again,

I am now at day 17, dressing is off and has been for 2 days... My question at this point is -since I am really worried- will the width from the top to the middle area narrow down still a bit? soon or ever at all?  I used to have a hump, so I got the hump removed and the tip lifted.  It was lifted little too much to my taste,but I think I will survive :)

My other concern is that my columnella seems to hang a little. Will this go away?

I have read many reviews from patients who at two weeks love their noses. I definitely can not say that. I feel like I look like some sort of small felline type  of creature...

I know this question has been asked before but I also noticed no one mentioned the procedure. So, my question is... will I smile again like i used to? My smile was so often praised. I hope I didn't exchange a charming natural smile for a better looking nose :( I want my smile back.

July 11, 2010. I just realized yesterday that the...

July 11, 2010. I just realized yesterday that the Dr. cut two smaller kinda frenulums I had on the upper lip holding my lip to my gum almost above my canine teeth, one on each side. This is the reason why my smile DID change. My upper lips seems to hang, when I smile my lip doesnt lift as much as before and now I look as If I had some kind of a chuky smile. I do not have a current pic but will try to get one later on in the day. You can any way appreciate this in the current uploaded pics. Notice the difference between when I had my hair long and now, short hair (before and after). From the beginning he told me he could also correct my smile because I showed too much gum when I smiled. I told him i didnt mind that and to please focus only on the nose. I was perfectly happy with my smile!!!! Well, now I have updated my info and I am very displeased with that doctor so I have written down his name.

I remember when I signed the release documents the type of procedures were written there, and only one i could understand: rhinoplasty, the other one I had no idea about but thought it was something that anyway had to be done. Let´s say it was my fault for signing and therefore agreeing to something I wasn´t sure about, well, then he should have thought better about the type of packing he was going to apply. Due to the fact that my upper lip had suffered from the removal of these two important tools it was very hard for me to move it. It was hanging and there was not much I could do about it. He sent me home with a packing that fully obstructed my breathing through the nose and I had to breath through the mouth, however he also sent me home with an upper lip that i could hardly move. Due to this, once home i wanted to drink water, the upper lip could not adjust around the straw and i was chocking on the water... my throat closed... and yep, I had no other way of breathing. Luckily my throat open up again allowing me to take a big breath in. It was extremely scary to say the least. I could have died there!! I am oh so upset and now looking to speak with a lawyer to see if I can get some compensation for both, the scary moment and the fact that I specifically said I did not want him to touch my smile and he did. Good luck to everyone, I hope you find a doctor to trust. I wonder if cutting those very small and hardly noticeable kinda frenulums is a regular procedure. My fear now is to have a camel lip when I am an old lady... Oh vanity! :(

Edgar Villalobos Ochoa in Playa del Carmen and Cancun

I haven't seen the final result so I can't comment yet. Update July 11, 2010 No, I do not reccoment him.

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