My New Nose Job is Assymetric with Uneven Nostrils

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I just had my rhinoplasty surgery 4 days ago and...

I just had my rhinoplasty surgery 4 days ago and I'm almost sure my nostrils are assymetric. The right side of my nose is drooping and my right nostril is much larger and a completly different shap than my left nostril.

I said something about it as soon as I saw it hours sfter surgery and every day since the surgery. Everyone in the Dr's office says it's too soon to tell or they say that its because of all the swelling. As I look closer at my nose I notice that the left side and the right side of my nose are stitched differently, and it is clear that one side is pulled in thighter than the other side. Also my right side hurts more and bleeds more, and that is the side that I'm concerned with.

I would hate to have to have a revision surgery. I feel that it is the Dr's mistake and poor judgement. You can't stitch one sid of someone's nose differently than the other side. And I feel that is why my nose is drooping, not because it is too soon.

I had my surgery because for years I hate how wide my nose was, so I decided to have the width of my nose reduced. No bones were broken no tip refinement only the width was reduced. However, now my nostrils are completely uneven.

My dr is a nice man and so are most of his staff, however at one point I did feel rushed during my final consultation, and I also feel like they are ignoring my concern about my nostrils.

Everyone is saying that it is too soon to tell if my nostrils are uneven, but it is clear that the stitch was done differently on each side.

What do you think? Do you think I would need a revision, and if so how long do I wait to have a revision? and should I have to pay for my nose to be corrected?
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I think it is too soon for me to recommend him..... because right now I'm not happy, but in the end I may become happy

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