The Outline of the Implant in my Nose is Very Visible--Will This Ever Diminish/go Away Without a Second Procedure?

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My rhinoplasty was a quick procedure to build up...

My rhinoplasty was a quick procedure to build up the bridge of my nose, as I was unhappy with how flat my nose looked. I was also hoping to lessen the appearance of my epicanthal folds and hopefully be able to wear glasses without having them rest on my face!

It was pretty uncomfortable, but completely painless.

Hello everyone, thank you for taking the time to...

Hello everyone, thank you for taking the time to read my question! I had a rhinoplasty procedure performed 2 weeks ago to build up the bridge of my nose (I'm part Asian). My surgeon used cartilage from my septum in a closed procedure, and healing was quick, painless, etc. My issue is that I now have a very clear outline of the cartilage implant on my nose. I will go back to see my surgeon in a few weeks, but in the meantime I wanted to ask if this very noticeable bulge is a result of swelling, or a poorly-done surgery?

So the hard outline of the cartilage implant never...

So the hard outline of the cartilage implant never went away, or even faded. I waited 1.5 years and ended up going to South Korea and got a revision done--the surgeon took out my cartilage and added a silicon(e?) thing instead. I was worried about the silicone, but it's been great so far. Again, it was painless, although the recovery was uncomfortable. Not nearly as uncomfortable as the first one though--my first surgery had had some issues and my doctor had packed my nose pretty intensely. Removing packing is not fun.

I got my revision surgery in January of 2011, so it's been about year and 3 months. It was quick and my recovery was fast--I woke up from anaesthesia and was talking and walking and ate a huge dinner with a big ol' bandage on my nose. Right after my first surgery I had to be carried to the car and nearly threw up from nausea and couldn't leave my house for 3 days. Not sure what it was about the anaesthesia this time.

Sorry these new photos are so bad but I can't get better lighting right now. The tip of my nose is rounder/bigger than after my first surgery, but I think it's probably some scar tissue and nothing I can really do. I also have some lumps on either side of my nose that make it look wider, especially in pictures, but again, I think it's just the way my body healed itself and I'll just have to deal. The visible implant is gone, thank goodness--that was my main concern. And the bridge of my nose is still higher than it is naturally, which I also appreciate.

I'm definitely still healing a bit though. My nose is still a little sensitive if I bump it.

Thinking back, it is upsetting how poorly my first doctor treated me. I actually never saw him again after my surgery--I scheduled two follow-up appointments and the nurses always said that he went home sick just before I arrived for my appointments. I had photos taken each time but was never able to talk to a surgeon, much less my own. I tried to give Dr. French the benefit of doubt, but thinking about it now, he probably knew that he botched my nose badly and didn't want to see me. I didn't do anything else, though--just waited a year and a half hoping for improvements, and when there weren't any, I went to find a more skillful doctor. I wouldn't have wanted a surgeon who had already messed up on me try again!
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this kind of relates to my question! :)

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