Surgery, Revision and 5 Kennalog Injections for Broken Nose

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My first surgery for a broken nose bone was done...

My first surgery for a broken nose bone was done when I was 27.

I am a 44 year old male, and had a revision done.

It has been 10 1/2 months post-op. I had a septoplasty and a rhino to remove a large hump (cartilage). I am experiencing swelling in the morning, after a night of drinking, and just in general. I have had five "kenalog" injections from my PS, and have had a fraction of less swelling with every injection. The nose looks pretty good for a few weeks after the injections, and then puffs back up again. I feel fluids running around in my nose. Sometimes, buy the end of the day, my nose doesn't look as swollen, and I don't feel the fluids flowing around as much.

My septo collapsed on the right side, and I am always producing mucus on the right side. (Even with this problem, I can still breathe better and sleep better at night, but the mucus thing drives me crazy. I always have to blow my nose.) My PS says that it's producing mucus because of the collapse. He says that he can fix the septum easily, but if the nose is still swollen after 12 months, and it bothers me, we should consider a rhino revision when he fixes the septum - again. My PS seems to think that it's scar tissue that's swelling up and that I have thick skin. But, if it's less swollen in the evening than in the morning, and it is soft and can be depressed to the touch of a finger (and I can even feel fluids disperse when I press my nose), then how can that be scar tissue?

If the swelling is not scar tissue, and is a form of an edema (or a lymph thing or whatever), will a rhino revision help? My PS said he'd have to do it opened again, too. (If I just got the septum fixed, he said that he wouldn't have to open it).

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