Revision to Narrow Bridge, Shorten Nose and Fix Uneven Nostrils

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I had my first rhinoplasty in May 08. I did it...

I had my first rhinoplasty in May 08. I did it because I felt my nose was way too big, it protruded far from my face and the tip was to bulgy, plus a had a bit of a hump. Well after the first one, the hump was gone but the nose was still huge. To make matters worse, my nostrils were so uneven.

From the very beginning he said I had much swelling and just to wait. So I did. I waited and waited and waited. A whole year went by. Then I asked for revision which he did without charging me again (thank God, cuz it was very expesive the first time around I couldnt afford to pay another one). But the second time happened in May of 09. So I did wait a whole year to do the revision as he advised.

Well the pros about the revision is that even though the nostrils are perfectly even, they are way more even than the first time.

Cons are a bit scary to me at this point I don't know what to think.

Doc narrowed my bridge and tip, but it looks as if he might have narrowed my bridege just a bit too much. Not sure, it looks kinda narrow to me and then the base of the nose flares out. Not so sure how to explain it better than that. Not sure if its too early to tell or what but doesn't look that natural to me. I also have considerable amount of swelling but most of it is contained over the bridge and tip of my nose. It is squishy to the touch and I massage it as the Doc told me to do but its still there after 5 weeks.

Today I went for another follow up and he told me that if the swelling doesnt get better in 2 weeks time he will give me steroid injections. Hoping this is the right move.

With everything that has been going on lately I am a bit scared. I just don't know what to think anymore. Don't know what to do. I just really really know that I do not want to ever go through another rhinoplasty again. It has been a big mental drain since it all started. All I ever wanted was a smaller nose.

On the rest of the questionaire it asks overall satisfaction I wrote down fair but I really not sure yet to early to tell for me now. And was it worth it, I checked yes but thats only because I choose to remain optimistic and hope everything turns out okay. And then the final question that asks whether I recommend my doctor, well I just don't know. I will mark down yes only because well I still remaining optimistic but of course I am not so sure at this point. But I will definetly keep you informed, wil be back with updates and hoping that they will be good. I hope in the end I can be truly happy, well at least somewhat happy with my nose.

My question for doctors is, should I get steroid injections for the swelling when I reach 7 weeks post op, or is this too early or late? Will it make a difference, or should I just keep waiting for the swelling to go down on its own? Also my other question to the docs, is my bridge too narrow, or is this normal?



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Well.. I can't say for sure wheter or not I would recommend this doctor at this point because I don't believe I have final results yet. He is a very nice doctor but what counts the most is wheter or not he can do the job right. I am keeping the faith.

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