Under Eye Hollows/tear Trough Treated with Fillers

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I am 28 and I developed rather severe tear troughs...

I am 28 and I developed rather severe tear troughs when I started work, they developed over the course of two years. My face has changed since working on the computer all the time!

The doctor explained that the problem needed to be treated with a two-phase approach, the first phase was to treat some of the volume loss in the front of my cheeks (where I am naturally quite flat anyway).

She injected 1ml of Perlane deep into the tissue using a multipoint innjection technique. It hurt a bit but I didnt mind it, I had ice, it seemed to help a bit. Not bothered by the pain as it is so transient! It swelled up quite a bit but this went down after the first three days, then even more after two-three weeks. This had an amazing effect on my face. It felt like it lifted everything. I would like to get more here in the future, as now that the swelling has gone down I miss it a bit - (the filler still has a great effect, just not as much as the initial couple of days, where it lifted my minor jowl shadows. I had some bruising but it was yellow in colour so could hide pretty easily with makeup . The bruising was gone in a week.

The second phase was when she injected restylane into the actual tear troughs, which she did one month later. She used a multi injection technique (not threading). The result was super smooth result. This bruised worse - I had a dark bruise on my left eye - without makeup it looked like I had a little bit of a black eye. I didnt care too much about this, just wore sunnies and concealer.

I was advised that the Perlane would last 6 months, and the restylane about 3-4 months.

My eyes bags are completely gone I am so thrilled with how it looks! I told a few close friends and they were excited and want to go see my doctor. I those that dont know have made comments like "oh my god you look so refreshed" and "Now that you are not so stressed about 'xyz' you look so much younger!" ... It has been 2.5 months now since my intial treatment, and the results still look great! I would highly recommend this to anyone contemplating it. I am in Melbourne.

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Find yourself a good doctor. My doctor is a plastic surgeon, she has specialised in this field her whole medical career and has an unblemished safety record. It does not cost much more to go to someone really good. Its worth it!

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