Restylane Put Under Both Eyes to Blend in Upper Cheeks. Later Had It Dissolved with Hyaluronidase, Which Left Indents

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I went to another Doctor. He used Hyaluronidase to...

I went to another Doctor. He used Hyaluronidase to dissolve Reatylane. Does Hyaluronidase dissolve tissue that you do not want to dissolve. I never had these indents beforeI notice on both Eyes under the Tear Tough area under my Skin i had indented. I think thats where the Doctor injected the Hyaluronidase too.

I had Restylane put under Both Eyes to Blend in Upper Cheeks.I had bags. This doctor didn't know what he was doing. It looked lumpy,uneven and also a Bluish tint too. So 3 months later i had it Dissolved with hyaluronidase. Now i see Indents.

-- Updated on Nov 10, 2009:

Did the hyaluronidase cause the indents under both Eyes? Thats where in was injected. Can Fat Grafting add under the skin add volume to the area. I don't like the Fillers because i saw the Blueish tint in my Skin. Didn't feel right under my Skin. what's the difference between Fat Grafting. Are there different Techinques.

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