Red Itchy Bumps After IPL to Remove Hair from Lower Leg Region

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I hope to achieve permanant hair removal on lower...

I hope to achieve permanant hair removal on lower legs and underarm. Shaving does not work that well as my hair grow back very quickly.

I just had my second IPL session 4 days ago to remove hair from my lower leg region. Red dots that developed quickly into red bumps (like I'm being stung by bugs and they itched quite badly)occured the next day. There were more on day 3. Today, the bumps are starting to look like Day 1, but still itch. What's happening and is this common? I also had IPL on my underarm, and bumps also developed but they are not itchy. Pls advise what are they and if I should continue with IPL. Also how long should the sessions be spaced apart? my first session was done 9 days prior to my second session.

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They are not trained dermatologists.

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