Radiesse--Gave Me Back 5-10 Years on my Face--Delighted with Results

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At age 57, my skin is in very good condition,...

At age 57, my skin is in very good condition, mostly due to genetics (Italian descent). Because my skin is fairly thick, I have almost no crinkle/wrinkles, but some some skin is beginning to sag, especially along jaw and near nose and mouth. I recently lost 25 pounds and that has made the sagging and creasing even more noticeable because I lost some fat volume in my face.

I went to see my dermatologist (board certified) and told her I needed some "maintenance." She recommended I first get an IPL treatment to take care of some minor sun damage (brown spots). The IPL was a piece of cake and next day I returned for the filler.

My doctor offers many filler products but felt Radiesse would give me the best and longest lasting result. We spent a half hour talking about what I wanted to achieve. I decided against lip filler since, at my age, it never seems to look natural. I focused on improving jaw line and the deep folds. She said I would probably need two vials of filler. An assistant then took over, applying numbing cream and instructing me on how to apply the ice packs.

After 15 min or so of "cooling out," my doctor back came in and began the injections, most of which I barely felt (somewhere between "no" pain and a couple of minor "ouchies.") Because each injection also contains lidocaine, my face got progressively more numb as time went by.

Toward the end of the procedure, I felt absolutely nothing. My doctor really cares about her patients and took her time, massaging the filler into each area after each injection, then checking for symmetry. I was her last patient that day and she worked slowly and carefully. The actual procedure took about an hour. When finished, the results were immediate and amazing.

There was no after-care needed. Went home and after two hours the lidocaine wore off. The injected areas were a little sore to the touch so I took couple of Advil. A small amount of bruising appeared on the left side near my mouth and there was some very slight swelling at the injection sites. Since I usually bruise easily and badly, I was very surprised and pleased to have so little bruising. A little makeup covered it just fine.

It's now three days later, the bruising is almost gone, swelling is gone, and 5-10 years have disappeared from my face. The little saggy area around the jowels is now all smoothed out and nasio-folds are history. The small beginnings of "marionette" creases at the corners of my mouth are also gone. I don't look "done" and my face is in balance again.

The great thing about filler is that once you see the result, you can go back to refine areas if you want to. They will store any unused filler and can use it for re-touch. I liked the Radiesse since it lasts a year or more, and stimulates the production of your own collagen, so touch-ups require less filler. I will be a Radiesse fan for life. It's basic maintenance.

Will try to post before-after photos.

Melbourne Dermatologist

Absolutely would recommend my doctor. She is very caring, skilled, and understands aesthetics. She recommended followup products for eye care and oil control.

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