LipoDissolve to Jumpstart Weight Loss. I Still Regret It a Year Later.

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I did Lipodissolve to "jump start" my...

I did Lipodissolve to "jump start" my weight loss and to diminish cellulite on my thighs. I was promised that it would tighten my skin, thereby decreasing cellulite and would help me obtain my goal weight.

The injections are horribly painful-I was allergic to the injections and they kept going instead of offering me a refund. I had large red welts afterwards in the area injected, which burned for hours and then was sore for about 2 days afterwards.

I was bloated and miserable and one nurse teased me for being sensitive to the needle. It is the same needle that is injected approx 20-40 times. Needles become dull and are not meant for multiple use, which can lead to increased pain and risk for infection.

Even with the laser therapy I saw NO results, except that my firm fat is now mushy and I feel worse with still horrible cellulite and pumps on my abdomen and thighs where the injections were given.

I felt pushed into the decision; if you are reading this before making your decision, please reconsider. I wish that I had just done liposuction by the time all is said and done. I quit going to my last appointments but I am still stuck with the bill because there are no refunds offered.

As for a description of the pain-I recently got a large tattoo on my foot and I kept thinking to myself how it was nothing compared to Lipodissolve injections.

NuU Med Spa

doctors were rarely present, but when they were, they are unprofessional, unsympathetic, and uncaring altogether. They give false promises to promote sales.

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