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About 8 years ago a friend recommended I look into...

About 8 years ago a friend recommended I look into permanent cosmetics. She was in her 70s and did not want to put on makeup anymore. She had a great experience and got a good result. I went down and got my eyeliner done first, and it worked very well. I was very satisfied. I can't quite remember who suggested taking a course in permanent cosmetics, but it was free, of course hoping to sell you materials, so I did. (Weekend long course by the way!) While there I got my lipliner done for free by someone else as a practice client.

Now, it is like any other profession, even brain surgery has its first time, so I chose a few willing guinea pigs carefully and used very light colors on them, and I did allright.

Mainly though, that $900 kit has been used on ME! Since then I have had under eyeliner put on, a white stripe above my upper eyeliner that I have now added highlighter over, eyebrows, and filled in my lips twice or three times. Oh, yes, also areola color, disguised a couple of scars here and there, and a few other things I have probably forgotten about. I have been very satisfied with the experience, although not always with every stage of it.

When I first did my eyebrows I realized I had chosen the wrong color, and had to go back and add a different shade, and then they looked fine. I also now wish my upper eyeliner was not quite as dark. I do not recommend doing your own eyeliner AT ALL! I tried to touch it up once and found it almost impossible. There is no way I could have done a decent job. Other than that all the procedures have been quite do-able, and I have saved thousands of bucks. It is only a weekend course, it is NOT rocket science. And so far as I know there are no states where one is required to have a cosmetologist's licence or any other specialized training.

If you don't like something, put strong glycolic acid on top of it and it will draw the pigment out, provided you do it within 24 hours or so.

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I did it myself...

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