Bad Eyebrow Tattooing

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This is about bad eyebrow tattooing. It's also...

This is about bad eyebrow tattooing. It's also about a bad blepharoplasty that had to be revised (the pen lines in the were sketched in by a different surgeon as a suggestion for the revision), but right now let's stick to the tattooing.

This tattooist was 'medically certified' and actually worked alongside the surgeon who performed the (bad) blepharoplasty. But as you can see, the results were terrible.

Why did I agree to let the tattooist tattoo the eyebrows in permanenty, given that they look hideous? Because I trusted the referring cosmetic surgeon and trusted the 'medically certified' tattooist ['medically certified' doesn't mean anything regarding their skill cosmetically speaking], because I was just plain tired by the time I had to make the decision and would have said yes to anything, because I was fooled by the 2-dimensional mirror which does not show you your eyes from different angles like a photo does, because I didn't bring along a cautious friend along to express their doubt (although friends can easily be fooled too), because I asked the tattooist for her professional opinion and she told me, "In my professional opinion the eyebrows (ie., the temporary sketches before the final tattoo) look soft and feminine and lovely on you." I always was a sucker.

These hideous eyebrows had to be lasered off. At least the referring surgeon agreed to laser them off for 'free'--just the price of an office visit, $40, times 6 visits. Yes, the laser removal left some scarring, but it was still better than these hideous eyebrows. Even after what happened to me, this cosmetic surgeon continued to allow the tattooist to work out of her office.

NEVER TRUST a cosmetic tattooist who uses a LASER GUN and PRE-SHAPED STENCILS--these tattoo tools guarantee you'll have 'hooks' and 'worms.' I feel sorry for all the women walking around with hooks and worms like this who don't even realize how bad they look.

You be the judge--are these eyebrows 'soft and feminine and lovely?' They don't even fit my face!

The second pic is a photo of my eyebrows after they were lasered off and redone, along with my eyeliner, by a skilled tattooist in Austin TX who does not use a laser gun or pre-shaped stencils. She's good; she's done some actresses. This is also me after having 'eye trough inserts' put in under my eyes. I like them a lot. The photo of me with the bad eyebrow tattoos was taken pre-eye-trough insertion; the skin under my eyes was bluish--I always had to gunk concealer on the area.

By the way, the TOP photo is me with the bad...

By the way, the TOP photo is me with the bad eyebrow tattoos. The BOTTOM photo is me 2 years after the bad tattoos were REMOVED with laser. However, the laser didn't remove the bad tattooing completely, and I had to use concealer to hide the leftover ink and some scarring caused by the laser.

The 'physician-approved' tattooist charged me $500.00.
Don't trust a permanent makeup artist just because a plastic or cosmetic surgeon referred you to her.

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