Loving Sculptra

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I researched long and hard before I had my first...

I researched long and hard before I had my first session of Sculptra. When I finally found an injector with a conservative approach, I decided to move forward, one vial at a time. Sculptra has done gradual and excellent job of restoring volume in my face after weight loss.

My injector is adamant that she will only object every six weeks to avoid over-correction, and she made sure I knew how to massage the product before I left her office. She does inject a dilute solution to reduce the possibility of granulomas.

She charges pre-dilution, however, so no funny business going on there. Sculptra is not without risk, so I wouldn't advise anyone to consider this project without researching it first as it is not reversible.

I'm eight weeks out from my third treatment...

I'm eight weeks out from my third treatment with Scuptra, and I'm still very pleased with the results.  The look is very natural and the onset of the enchancement was very gradual so nobody really noticed I'd "had work" done.  Love the look, love the result, but this isn't for the person who wants to look great in a week.  Sculptra is slowwwww and gradual. :) 

Dr. Diane Cantrell

Conservative and careful.

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