Healing Scars with Bletharoplasty

Would take upper surgery back if I could but I...

would take upper surgery back if I could but I can't so I wont lament on that. My lower eyes look okay with no puffiness, some scar tissue did develop so one of my eyes appears smaller than the other, I have been instructed to massage the lower eyeball 10seconds 10/ day

I am 3.5 weeks out from upper/ lower blatharoplasty. My scars are red, puffy, painful and extremely noticeable. I look at photos posted online wherein pts are 4 weeks post-op and they look good, no obvious signs of incisions. I have followed all MD's orders and am not a keloid scarrer. I have been started on Cimeosil per MD's recommendation. My question is, how long am I going to look this rotten? I understand full healing can take up to 1 year but I still look like I just got out of surgery. Is this normal recovery and how long will it take to look "unnoticeably" altered?
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