New to Invisalign - for Crooked Bottom Teeth & Crowding, Age 26

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I decided to get Invisalign at 26 becuase my...

I decided to get Invisalign at 26 becuase my bottom teeth are a little crooked and overcrowded. My ortho charges $2800, but my cost will be a little more since I will need the filing and refinement trays. Total cost will be around $4000 but my insurance covers $2000. I think this is a reasonable price for an Ortho that has done a ton of Invisalign (Diamond Provider) and is very patient and informative. He presented me with all my options, including more traditional type braces and was very upfront about the results, time frame and attachments and what other Invisalign clients say.

My only complaint is that I talked a little funny at first but that gets better (they told me to read aloud to myself to learn to speak with them but I didnt do that. It may have improved sooner if i had).

Taking them out for meals isnt fun, but on the plus side it has improved my dental hygene significantly (I brush 5x a day now instead of 2) and it has led to less snacking. I used to snack throughout the day at work, but now i would rather pass up the brownie tray rather than take them out and brush again.

So far I have had no pain. They are a little tight to take off at first but it gets easier after a couple days.

No one at work has noticed I have them as far as I know. I have gotten no questions or funny looks. I think they are more noticable outdoors in bright lights because the plastic looks shiny. But indoors they are virtually invisable. I have 8 attachments but they are on the side teeth (not in front), are fairly small and match the teeth perfectly. They arent noticeable unless you are looking for them at certain angles.

I'll update as treatment progresses.

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Very experienced and reasonably priced

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