Septoplasty ruined my nose

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I had a septoplasty done 2 days ago and i do not...

I had a septoplasty done 2 days ago and i do not hae any splints and i have disolvable stitches.

Pros- got rid of my dodgy closed nostril and bobble underneath nose and straightened up my nose

cons - swelling and pain and blocked nose so far

I am a bit concerned because yesterday and the day of the surgery my face wasnot swollen at allbut today i have woken up with my top lip so swollen that when i smile my top teeth dont show...also it looks as tho my face has been stretched out (probably cause of the swelling) is this normal and if so how long with this swelling last?

6 years post septoplasty

6 years post op and not happy at all my nose has collapsed on one side, very paranoid and not confident at all any more :(

Having my nose redone again!

Hi haven't been on here in a while, well my nose has changed quite a bit and I had enough and went to see what could be done with a different private surgeon he confirmed I had residual deviated septum and internal valve collapse and I now had to have a revised septoplasty with batten grafting and reduction if inferior turbinates! I'm praying this will fix my nose for good as I'm so unconfident :( ... Booked for 9 November! Wish me luck! Anyone else had this? Would love to see some before and after pics as I'm scared of results!!

Results of septoplasty

Before and after pics due to have it redone in November!

Revision septoplasty done today

Had my revision septoplasty today feeling weak and tired teeth feel numb and a little achey, eyes are feeling sore and tired. Nose feels numb at the mo, quite a lot if blood ... dreading tomorrow pain wise hoping results will be good!

Revision 10/11/16

Nit sure if it's just swelling but one of my nostrils is smaller than the other..?

4 days post op

Still swollen but pain is minimal I think I'm liking the results so far but almost feel too scared to say that :/

13 days post op

Feeling a lot better! although had to come off nasonex as it gave me oral thrush, a sore throat, cough and streaming nose! Happy with the results I think! It visually looks ok, but I have got a dent on left side of my nose at the top when I run my finger over it! I don't care as long as it's not visual or affects my breathing!

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