My Scars Are Going Away with 35% TCA Peel

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I have serious acne scars and I`m 30 years old. A...

I have serious acne scars and I`m 30 years old. A few years ago for a long period(4 years) I had a severe cystic acne and facial ulcers that caused face full of ice picked scars, redness, huge pores & a constant need for make up. My dermatologist first stopped acne and then suggested a TCA peel for scars. I wanted to smooth my skin as much as posible so I agreed although he warned me about the pain and the fact that results will not be "baby-cheek-skin".He also sad that I will need a sum of 10 treatments for best result.He applied 35% TC acid and he rubbed it on my skin for a minute and then I had to endure for a minute more before he neutralized it. It was very painfull,like my face was pushed in fire even though I was cooling myself with fan.BUT...It was very effective.I peeled for 8-10 days, and during that period my dead skin was very tense and even cracking and bleeding around my mouth because of mops & mows,while eating and laughing.I had to go to work so I applied light make up and told everybody (I work in accounting office).I was delighted with result of peel, but I saw why do I need 10 of them - my scars are just too deep and a skin has it`s limitations in regeneration. So, I`m now recovering from my 7th peel, and the resut if unbelievable. I`m geting compliments from people around me and I`m looking forward to the end of series. At the end I don`t have cons because I can endure that pain,and I don`t need to socially distance myself and the PRO is a great result after some period and some patience.
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