Facial Mole - Is the Redness After a Mole Shave Scarring?

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Mole Shave Pros - I was told the chance of...

Mole Shave Pros - I was told the chance of scarring was lower, they did it quickly (within five minutes) and I was able to drive out with the mole removed that afternoon. It was relatively inexpensive ($300, covered by insurance).

Cons - I may have scarring but I am unsure.

I had a facial mole removed (shaved) a little under a month ago (size of a pencil eraser). The scab fell off about two weeks ago. There still remains a pinkish red spot, is this going to fade to normal skin tone eventually, or more or less remain this way? Also, the area is very slightly sunken, but I don't think it would be noticeable if the area was the same skin tone as the rest of my skin.
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