Microdermabrasion: Great for Acne Scars!

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Right at the outset, I must state that...

Right at the outset, I must state that microdermabrasion is a procedure that needs to be thoroughly and meticulously researched by YOU, before you take that "first step"; make absolutely certain that you are a potential candidate—or you'll end up with an "unhappy face."

To begin, I will address the issue of cost; this absolutely depends on where you live. I currently live in Thailand and one microdermabrasion costs only $16! (I put $100 above since that's what it normally costs.) Of course, the first question that comes to mind is "How is it so cheap?"—simple: cost of living. Thailand can offer the best and most advance medical treatment because of the oppressed standard of living here—blame the IMF, UN, and Bush's cousin Obama—but I won't get political for the sake of brevity. Anyway, I'm from New York—where EVERYTHING is expensive—and I know that virtually EVERYTHING is overpriced in America, so the same $150 microdermabrasion in New York can be performed at a fraction of the cost elsewhere. Remember: price is a factor but NOT the only factor—so do your research!

My reason for microdermabrasion: I have superficial scars and a few deeper scars from adolescent acne that I wanted to minimize—notice that I wrote "minimize," not eliminate. (By the by, if you have active acne, don't do microdermabrasion—just wait!) I've decided on microdermabrasion, simply because it's not invasive—only takes away the dead layer of skin (3-5 microns NOT 10)—requires no downtime, can be performed on my Asian skin without worry of hyperpigmentation, is quite inexpensive—because of where I live—and has no real side effects. Some might say that pain is a side effect of microdermabrasion but that can be further from the truth; the procedure actually feels great, as it comfortably takes away all of the grime and tenebrous crap off of your beautiful skin. If pain is the same sensation as a cat licking your face, then you really have other problems...

Now to the nitty-gritty: I've scheduled 6 microdermabrasions, spaced one week apart, to be completed during the next two months. I had my first one performed yesterday. The first step is cleaning your face, which they will do for you as preparation. Next, they will cover your eyes, in order to prevent debris from entering and collecting. Third, the technician will move the wand on your skin, over and over, up and down, left and right. My technician asked me several times if I felt any pain; my reply was "No" each time. Per my request, the technician went over my scars several times to "sand" them down; each pass felt great, inducing in me the hope that my scars will finally be gone. Fourth, I'm done! I made my way to the mirror anxiously and to my surprise—and delight—my skin looks great! In fact, my skin wasn't even red at all! I looked closely to see a lot of the scars actually reduced, just after that one microdermabrasion; even the deeper scars have decreased, though not completely, of course. Overall, my skin looks very smooth and healthy, as if I've just had a treatment done—which I did. :)

In conclusion, microdermabrasion is definitely a great option, a great "first step" for those looking to minimize acne scars and improve overall skin texture, tone, and complexion. Keep in mind that it will not solve everything, as subsequent visits are required to get the "look" that you want—or as close to it as possible.

If you have deeper scars, you might wish to try MicroLaserPeel, which is like a microdermabrasion on steroids; it goes deeper but not too invasive, anywhere from 10-80 microns deep, though 20 is the norm. As for downtime, the microdermabrasion is known as "The Lunch-time Peel," whereas the MicroLaserPeel is known as "The Weekend Peel." You can infer that the downtime for MicroLaserPeel will be about 2-3 days, more for deeper peels—CIA Google for more information.

Summarily, I wanted to write this post after my 6th treatment but I got too excited after my first, so I will provide an update after my final treatment—clear skin here I come!

Siam Laser Clinic

helped reduce my acne scars, even the ice-pick scars; my skin is much smoother and healthier, with better overall texture, tone, and complexion—after just one treatment! Not invasive, inexpensive—in Thailand, at least—safe on ethnic skin, no real side effects—not even pain.

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