Uneven Implants

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I had breast implants four months ago. My left...

I had breast implants four months ago. My left breast sits lower than my right. My nipples are also uneven. I went back to my surgeon and he said in order to fix it I will need a capsuleorphy and it will cost me and additional $2500 to make my breasts even. He showed me my before pics and said that it is my bodies fault and not his. I understand this but don't know why it wasn't brought up as an option to fix in my pre-op consult instead of now having to deal with uneven breasts.

I am excited to have larger breasts but am very unhappy with them when I am naked. The are noticeably different and I want them fixed!!

Does this seem normal for me to have to pay to have them fixed? Should I get a second opinion?
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