Mixto Better Than Fraxel Repair on Lower Face, Except for the Cystic Acne

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I had fraxel repair one year ago. I liked the...

I had fraxel repair one year ago. I liked the results--softer lines, smaller pores, scars almost gone, texture much better but felt another treatment would be ideal. Unfortunately the cost ($5000.00) was more than I could justify right now. The opportunity to have the Mixto treatment presented itself at an aesthetic show I attended.

I am 1 week post and already see a marked difference in my eyes-my skin looks better texture-wise. I didn't see results this fast w/ Repair... Redness is present - sometimes much more so than others, and there doesn't seem to be a driving factor for the flare ups. Its always there, but fluctuating. I assume it's just a matter of time before this subsides.

The most extreme redness is primarily in the areas which the dr treated much more aggressively. I am getting some small little breakouts as well as some cystic activity on my chin and lip. I know the first inclination is herpes, but it is definitely cystic. That aspect has been a BIG DISAPPOINTMENT-- but i keep trying to see the bigger picture.

I would definitely recommend the MIXTO as an alternative to the Fraxel Repair-- the recovery was very similar and the pain level seems to have been the same when all factors are considered. In fact the Mixto setting was stronger than the dr used w/ Fraxel Repair.

Doctor dose with Repair - I had 1 xanax and 2 vicodin- topical numbing, and I didn't feel a thing. With Mixto they gave lidocaine numbing, 2 vicodin and 5 mg valium. I definitely felt the mixto much more, and there were moments when I wanted to say stop, but I just kept thinking "if i tell them it hurts, they lower the setting-- and my results wont be as good.

They asked me if I had nerves of steel as I didn't even flinch-- keeping my eye on the ball. NO MORE SCARS, SMOOTH TEXTURE, DIMINISHED LINES, COLLAGEN REMODELING. If I had known cysts, cysts, and cysts, I would've at least said ouch. In fact in hindsight, it may have been wiser to say it hurts- the dr knows what he's doing , and if it hurts when its not supposed to the dr should probably be told.

All in all if i had to pick one, I would probably choose the Mixto, but maybe it's the doctor and not the laser. I always felt my Repair wasn't done w/ strong enough settings. These cysts are terribly troubling-- has anyone had this experience ? I do recall the activity level after the Repair caused breakouts too, but it seemed manageable. Has anyone else had this experience ? If so did it last forever-- did it get worse ?

I'm 1 week post Mixto. Agressively treated on chin, lip, cheeks and eyes. Is it possible that the MIXTO could have made my cystic situation (on my chin) worse? Is this common? What kind of cleanser and moisturizer should I be using? The Cetaphil seems to increase my redness. I feel like I may need something to clean out the dead skin from the pores--what should i do with these cysts? My skin heals faster but I dont know how to treat the cysts. What do you suggest?

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Its not the doctor its the way i did it. I did this treatment with a dr at an aesthetic show- the follow up care wasnt available.I feel bad calling his office since i didnt even pay - Im sure hes very good but i was not thinking this through. I just heard "free" and knowing the reputation of the dr i thought it was fine. I think the results will be very nice but its hard not having my own dr. and relying on someone who doesnt even know my skin.

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