Mesotherapy on Thighs Does Not Hurt, You're Just Tender and Sore Afterwards.

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I got the mesotherapy treatment done on my inner...

I got the mesotherapy treatment done on my inner and outer thighs 3 days ago. It was not painful whatsoever. I absolutely hate needles and I always work myself up for no reason. I was seriously freaking out because I hate the thought of tons of needles being stuck in my skin. Anyway, it went fast and didn't hurt.

They told me that the next day I would be in a lot of pain, but I really wasn't. Yeah my thighs were very tender and sore, but it wasn't unbearable. My thighs expanded asap, they were very very swollen. I couldn't and still can't fit into my jeans, which sucks. I have bruising but hopefully that will go away soon! It has only been 3 days since the 1st treatment so we'll see.

They said I will only need 3 treatments. But my thighs are still swollen, mostly on the inner thighs, and I just want that to go away so I can at least go back to normal. But so far I haven't seen any results, but once again, it has only been 3 days and 1 treatment.

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