3 Sessions of Pixel Laser on Cheeks to Tighten Skin

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I had both in infrared laser and pixel harmony....

I had both in infrared laser and pixel harmony. The infrared laser was 200 a session, I had 3 on my face and one between my breasts. It removed most of the pinkness from my cheeks that was permanent damage from a sunburn. The ones on my face were only painful as I was being zapped. After the each zapp the spot did not continue to hurt but the machine makes a loud noise each time you are zapped and I had to sit on my hands not to react. The one on my chest was to remove brown spots from lying on a tanning bed. It hurt. It was only one zapp but an hour later I was sick to my stomach, that's how much it hurt. The brown spots fell off with only one session and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I highly recommend it. I also had 3 sessions of pixel harmony. It was supposed to tighten my skin. I only paid 200 a session because I only had it done on my cheeks and not the rest of my face. It does not hurt at all. It is just like you are being rubbed with a stone that has been lying in the sun and the machine makes no noise. Each time the effect has worn off more quickly.

I am not sure if I want to do it again. It does make your skin instantly tighter, similar to the way it feels when you have a suntan. (real sun, not tanning bed sun) If you had to look good for a reason, (photos, wedding, make someone sorry) then yes it does work and it is absolutely worth it. The effects have not been long lasting for me.

I had 3 sessions of Pixel laser on my cheeks to tighten the skin. I only had it done on my cheeks and not the rest of my face. They were not done 3 weeks apart but at random intervals over a period of about 5 months. The first time the skin got tighter and stayed tighter for 3 weeks. The second time it only stayed tighter for two weeks and the third only for 7 days. Each time it was hotter so I had assumed it was on a higher setting. Should I have it done again? I had thought that each time the tightening would last longer but it seems as if I am growing a tolerance to it if that is possible. I did have 3 sessions infrared laser a year` ago and it did remove the redness from my cheeks but it did not affect the spider veins near my nose. She told me that she didn't believe that more sessions were going to have any further effect. Can you grow a tolerance to lasers?

I had mine done at a Clinic by the aesthetician. She is very personable and perfectly capable. The Dr is a plastic surgeon and the clinic also has a RN that does Botox, Restylane and a bunch of other things so they do that everything most people are looking for.

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