Melanotan 2 - Tanning Injections

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I have been using Melanotan 2 tanning injections...

I have been using Melanotan 2 tanning injections now for 6 months and after the initial nausea, headaches and 'flushes' all of which disappeared after a week. I look and feel great.

It initially took 23 injections to acheive the desired colour and now I only have to inject once a week. I researched the product for 2 years before trying it and have the Melanotan 2 shipped from the States as opposed to buying it from the internet which is often made in China and contains filler - mannitol (organic sugar)not harmful but a total waste of money.
I would definately recommend it,no more harmful rays, dried out skin or smelly fake tan!
Happy to answer any questions anyone may have.
Bev x

Name not provided

Whereas it is not illegal to buy Melanotan 2, it is illegal to sell, therefore I do not wish to name the person who provides me with it.

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