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Hey everyone, I am Rosie (19 years old) from...

Hey everyone,

I am Rosie (19 years old) from New Zealand - I have been a long time loiterer of this site but have never actually posted anything - and today being a day where I am at my best when it comes to procrastinating...thought this is the perfect opportunity to write a post while I'm meant to be doing work.

After being self conscious while talking to people and not smiling in photos most of my life I decided to do something about it and dive into the world of orthodontics...the first ortho I found was the one I stayed with and who I wouldnt change for the world! The whole process is costing me $8300 - but keep in mind this is NZ dollars so I think that's about $5600ish American.

I have had Invisaligns now for almost a year! I am up to tray 23 with 12 attachments - My bottom teeth are finished (finished at tray 22) and my top teeth have another 11 trays to go (as of yet).

My treatment is going PERFECTLY my bottom teeth are amazing...I honestly have no complaints what-so-ever...I understand that people do have serious issues with them but I do tend to get almost 'protective' or Invisalign and when I see people posting negative things about them I get slightly taken aback.

My treatment consists of widening my bottom and top arches, uncrowding and an overbite (which has been treated with 2 extractions).

It was planned that mid-way into my treatment I would get two extractions in my upper arch so that my teeth would line up with eachother - I got this done last week and in turn will receive a whole new series of aligners (not too sure how many yet but I am guessing around 30 more...I asked for it though!) I am currently living on a diet of mush...tasty mush mind you.

I whiten my bottom teeth in the trays (because the buttons have been taken off and it works amazingly!).

I had done so much research prior to getting Invisaligns that I think I have really great knowledge for anyone who is need answers for know where to find me.

I can't really be bothered writing anymore and I'm hungry so that is me for today.

Please see the photo I attached - here is brief description:
Rosie's top teeth (from left to right) - beginning of Treatment Sept '08 - Middle of treatment Feb '09 - and July '09.


Darnell Rose - Courtenay Orthodontics (Wellington)

He is knowledgeable, friendly, honest and great at explaining and discussing options.

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